Harden And His Mom On How Sports Shaped Him

Via TheUndefeated.combeardless James Harden once took long bus rides from the streets of Compton, California, to his high school gym as the sun came up. A focused teenager dreaming of the NBA was up early working on his hoop skills at 7 a.m. before his first class.

Today, the 2017 NBA MVP candidate is focused on trying to win a championship with the Houston Rockets. But when time permits, Harden is preaching the importance of using sports to help you succeed in life — just as he did — to teenage boys playing for his new AAU basketball programs in Houston and the Phoenix area.

“I know what these kids are going through now in Houston and Arizona,” Harden told The Undefeated. “I just give them something to be active and stay away from all the negatives. This is something that can help their families in the long run.

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