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April 30, 2012

Time to Hit The Beach!

Hey Rockets Fans!
As the Rockets regular season is winding down, the weather in Houston is heating up! The pools and beaches are starting to get a little more crowded, and everyone is enjoying the sunshiny outdoors. As RPD, we not only use products to enhance our look on game day and at appearances, but we also use products to protect our hair and skin, and keep it healthy when we are enjoying our days off. Full Story


March 27, 2012

Date Night

Howdy Rockets Fans, this RPD loves both a night out with my girls and staying at home pampering myself, but I especially LOVE getting ready for a hot date. So I am giving y'all my step-by-step ritual for fun date night, from "what to wear" to "hair care," you will learn my little secrets to
getting ready for a great night. Full Story


March 05, 2012

Girls Night Out

Hey Rockets fans! Who loves girls' night out? Every girl needs a girls' night every now and then so you can look hot and strut your stuff. Here are a few products that help me look great while I'm out on the town with my girls. Full Story


January 31, 2012

Hair Repair

My two favorite hair repair products are Pantene Pro V Detangling Mist and Pantene Pro V Split End Repair. Hairstyling to prepare for a performance at a Rockets game can be rough on my hair.
Full Story


January 17, 2012

Get Game Day Ready

Getting ready for game day takes a lot of preparation...countless practices, training, hitting the gym. But the most fun is beautifying in the locker room! Here is an inside look into how we Power Dancers get game day ready! Full Story