Hometown: Spring, Texas
High school: Westfield High School
Years on the team: Rookie
Occupation: Customer Service in Aviation
University/Degree: BA in Science- Hospitality Administration- Stephen F. Austin State University
If stranded on an island, I would bring these 3 cds...
3 dvds... Best of Randy Crawford, Usher-Confessions and Random Mixed CD
Favorite movie line: "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Love Story (1970)
Team Edward/Jacob? JACOB ALL THE WAY
My celebrity doppelganger? Zoe Saldana
Worst pick up line: "When God created you… No, I mean sculpted you, he was showing off"
Worst date ever: NO COMMENT!!!
Best feature: My bubbling personality, well, my killer legs too..LOL
Favorite workout: I like doing anything to work on my ABS
Favorite pajamas: My onesie with the feet in them
Website you visit most: www.nba.com
Celebrity crush: I have two- Chad Michael Murray & Boris Kodjoe
Favorite 80s movie: I have too many to name so "Top 2" are- "Legend" with Tom Cruise and "Splash" with Tom Hanks/ Daryl Hannah
Favorite Kardashian: NONE
Morning show I listen to/watch every day: Tyra Show before it went off and The Doctors
Favorite news anchor/deejay: I love Mia from Channel 39
Song played most on my ipod: Umm, depends on my mood so I don't know
Guilty pleasure: Singing very loud and off key in the shower
Most delicious ice cream flavor: Call me old fashioned; I only eat Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream!!!
Best Halloween costume: I was a belly dancer when I was 10 and won a custom contest!!!
Dream job: A corporate pilot
3 interesting facts about me:
1.) I have visited to Mexico, Honduras, France and Germany since high school graduation
2.) Zombie movie are my favorite type of horror movie!!!!
3.) I love to read!!! But I only read fiction and fantasy novels; anything with fairies, mermaids, vampire or zombies