Hometown: Dickinson, TX
High school: Dickinson High School
Years on the team: Second year
Occupation: Dance Teacher
University/Degree: Sam Houston State University/ Bachelor of Arts in Dance
If stranded on an island, I would bring these 3 cds... Bob Marley, Garden State Soundtrack, a mixed CD with my favorite songs
3 dvds... Christmas Vacation, Old School, Father of the Bride
Favorite movie line: "Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream?" (Pretty Woman)
Team Edward/Jacob? Team Jacob
My celebrity doppelganger? Kristen Bell and Kelly Ripa
Worst pick up line: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
Worst date ever: I was taken to the Children's Museum on a first date and he bought a hat with a propeller on top for me to wear. I made him wear it!
Best feature: My eyes
Favorite workout: Night Club Cardio, running at Memorial Park and my trainer's workouts
Favorite pajamas: A t-shirt and shorts
Magazine subscription: I don't have any subscriptions, but I love any tabloid magazine! US Weekly, In Touch, etc.
Website you visit most: Facebook and Rockets.com
Celebrity crush: Mark Consuelos
Favorite 80s movie: Sixteen Candles and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Favorite Kardashian: Kim
Morning show I listen to/watch every day: The Roula and Ryan show/ The Ellen Degeneres show and Regis and Kelly
Favorite newsanchor/deejay: Don Nelson/ I don't have a favorite deejay, but I like a deejay that plays great music to dance to.
Song played most on my ipod: Anything Michael Jackson
Guilty pleasure: Eating sweets, especially chocolate, and reading any tabloid magazine.
Most delicious ice cream flavor: Bluebell Ice cream's Tin Roof
Best Halloween costume: My ladybug costume
Dream job: I would love to have Kelly Ripa's job and be a co-host of a morning show!
3 interesting facts about me:
1. I was a Kilgore College Rangerette. 2. At age five I competed a tap solo to "Little Bitty Pretty One" and won the overall highpoint award in the 12 and under division. 3. I love wakeboarding!