Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota
High school: Kennedy High School
Years on the team: First year
Occupation: Camp Counselor/Student
University/Degree: University of Houston
If stranded on an island, I would bring these 3 cds... Michael
Buble-Crazy Love -Carrie Underwood-Carnival Ride -Tom Petty and the
Heartbreakers- Greatest Hits
3 dvds... Fools Fold, The Run Down, Avatar
Favorite movie line: "It's so fluffy!"
Team Edward/Jacob? Team Edward
My celebrity doppelganger: Karolina Kurkova-Victoria's Secret Model
Worst pick up line: "Hey do you have any band-aids? ...because I skinned my knees falling for you!"
Worst date ever: Going out to eat at Wendy's
Best feature: My smile
Favorite workout: Sit-ups on the ball
Favorite pajamas: Sweat pants and my Tom Petty concert shirt
Magazine subscription(s): Cosmopolitan
Website you visit most: Facebook
Celebrity crush: Matthew McConaughey
Favorite 80s movie: Grease
Favorite Kardashian: Khloe
Morning show I listen to/watch every day: Good Morning America
Favorite newsanchor/deejay: Diane Sawyer
Song played most on my ipod: Beast of Burden-The Rolling Stones
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate anything and SHOPPING!!!!!
Most delicious ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip, cherries and chocolate chips
Best Halloween costume: Little devil
Dream job: Victoria's Secret Model or CEO of anything!
3 interesting facts about me: I love fishing, Camping, snowboarding, wake boarding and being on a Boat. Just being outside in general! I have danced in Minnesota since I was three Years old. I have double jointed hips! I secretly love Disney movies and will watch them all the time!