Hometown: Friendswood
High school: Friendswood High School
Years on the team: 5
Occupation: Student (& Wife!)
University/Degree: University of Houston/ Education with a Business Minor
If stranded on an island, I would bring these 3 cds... I would NEED my iPod!
3 dvds... Superbad, The Departed, & How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Favorite movie line: "Big mistake. Big. Huge! I have to go shopping now!" -Pretty Woman
Team Edward/Jacob? Neither!!!
My celebrity doppelganger? Teresa, Barbie's brunette friend. I have also been told Audrina Patridge from The Hills
Worst pick up line: "I seem to have lost my number, can I borrow yours?"
Worst date ever: Hmm, I guess I'm pretty lucky to have never had a memorable bad date
Best feature: my smile
Favorite workout: RPD practice
Favorite pajamas: a cami and boxer shorts
Magazine subscription(s): Fitness, Glamour, and Elle Decor
Website you visit most: facebook.com
Celebrity crush: It's a toss up between Nick Lachey & Matthew McConaughey
Favorite 80s movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite Kardashian: Khloe, because she's the funniest and the most outgoing
Morning show I listen to/watch every day: The Today Show on NBC
Favorite newsanchor/deejay: E! News host Giuliana Rancic
Song played most on my ipod: Right now it's "I Like It" by Enrique Iglesias
Guilty pleasure: French fries
Most delicious ice cream flavor: Blue Bell chocolate chip
Dream job: To travel around the world and host my own TV show for the Travel Channel
3 interesting facts about me: I married my high school sweetheart, My first drink after turning 21 was in a pub on a military base in Bosnia, This is my fifth season dancing for the Rockets!