Hometown: Born in Atlanta, GA, raised in Arlington, TX
High school: Martin High School
Years on the team: 4th year- Head Captain
Occupation: High School Dance Teacher, Dance Team Director
University/Degree: Texas Tech University, Bachelor of Arts in Dance, Minor in Health
If stranded on an island, I would bring these 3 cds... George Strait, Lady Gaga, Beyonce
3 dvds... The Notebook, The Bourne Identity, Old School
Team Edward/Jacob? Neither, I haven't seen any of the Twilight movies!
My celebrity doppelganger? Leslie Mann, Isla Fisher
Worst date ever: When I felt like I was on a job interview
Best feature: My metabolism, because I love food!
Favorite workout: Walking at the park, yoga, and recently, boxing
Favorite pajamas: My Texas Tech pjs
Magazine subscription: I don't subscribe to any magazines, but I end up buying all of the tabloid ones at the store
Website you visit most: Facebook, Rockets.com
Celebrity crush: Bradley Cooper, Will Smith
Favorite 80s movie: Sixteen Candles
Favorite Kardashian: My favorite person on the show is Bruce
Morning show I listen to/watch every day: Usually I listen to the Roula and Ryan show or the Madd Hatta morning show when I drive to work
Song played most on my ipod: My rpd music before the games
Guilty pleasure: I love candy!
Most delicious ice cream flavor: Chocolate or coffee
Best Halloween costume: Strawberry Shortcake
Dream job: A background dancer for a famous recording artist
3 interesting facts about me: I love laughing, traveling and going to church