Name: Christina
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
High school: Elkins High School
Years on the team: 3
Occupation: Student
University/Degree: University of Houston, Psychology Major
If stranded on an island, I would bring these 3 cds... 3 mixed cds, one with my favorite relaxing music mix, one with my favorite party mix, and one with my favorite songs to sing along to
3 dvds... Billy Madison, Twilight, The Hangover
Team Edward/Jacob? Team Edward!!
My celebrity doppelganger? People say Megan Fox a lot
Worst pick up line: Do I know you?
Worst date ever: A movie date I went on in high school, it turned out to be very awkward
Best feature: My eyes
Favorite workout: Stair stepper
Favorite pajamas: old t-shirts and shorts
Magazine subscription: Cosmopolitan
Website you visit most: Facebook
Celebrity crush: Zac Efron!!
Favorite 80s movie: Sixteen Candles
Favorite Kardashian: Kourtney and Khloe are tied for my favorite.
Morning show I listen to/watch every day: The View
Favorite newsanchor/deejay: Brad Booker
Song played most on my ipod: At Last, -Norah Jones version
Guilty pleasure: shopping
Most delicious ice cream flavor: Ben and Jerry's cheesecake brownie
Dream job: Dancer in a Broadway show
2 interesting facts about me: I don't have pierced ears and I love art