Toyota Center and the Houston Rockets are leaders in the Houston community on environmental best practices and aim to drive community activation on environmentally responsible behavior changes. Some of our recent efforts towards that goal are highlighted below.

  • Paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum from employee/office spaces as well as patrons attending events are recycled.
  • Toilet Paper, soap and hand towels throughout the building are EPA and Green Seal certified.
  • Efficient hand towel and soap dispensers (regulating the amount means less in the land fills)
  • Motion light sensors in offices make Toyota Center more energy efficient
  • Controlled Building Automation System
  • ABC Pest uses Integrated Pest Management (pesticides used on an as needed basis)
  • Compact Flourescent lighting throughout the venue
  • Food containers at concession stands are biodegradable
  • Employees use coffee mugs (cut down use of cardboard/disposable cups)
  • Waste bins were removed from all employees work spaces in order to cut down on waste and increase recycling efforts
  • Tree Planting participation throughout the year
  • Litter control participation in the community
  • Annual recycling event for electronics (i.e. televisions, computers and components)
  • Recycle Item of the month has included such recyclable and reusable items as cell phones, shoes and apparel
  • The Houston Rockets host an Environmental Awareness Game each year in which a "green" item is distributed to patrons and eco-friendly organizations educate patrons on "going green"
  • Each home Rockets game promotes environmental best practice factoids via PSA's
  • Work with energy provider to increase renewable credits of energy procurement
  • All events at Toyota Center offer paperless ticketing via Flash Seats
  • The Houston Rockets, during the 08-09 season, produced the majority of print and direct mail pieces on recycled paper, as well as all game day programs
  • Environmentally preferred purchasing (using vendors that are environmentally conscious)



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