Clutch, the mascot for the NBA Houston Rockets, is available to perform and bring some of that Rockets magic to your school’s next basketball game or sporting event. For almost 2 decades Clutch has used his unique sense of humor to entertain Texans at all Rockets home games and at more than 300 events per year. Not only has this furry goofball performed at colleges, NBA games, minor league basketball games, and celebrity events all over the United States and Alaska, he has also enthralled international crowds in Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Bosnia, Kosovo, England, and Russia. Silly string guns, confetti cannons, interactive fan games, hysterical skits, don’t try this at home stunts, and humorous props make Clutch the essential party crasher, all in Rockets style. Whether bouncing around in his 10-foot tall, inflated alter ego, “AIR” Clutch, or performing a slapstick sketch, Clutch never runs out of ways to make you laugh.

A game appearance package includes, but not limited to:
- A five-minute half-time show as “AIR” Clutch
- Two on court skits during quarter breaks
- Impromptu slapstick comedy in the stands throughout the game
- An on court free give-away (20 items provided) 
- A post game autograph session (100 8” x 10” pictures provided)
- Whatever else you want Clutch to do in order to make your game and his show a success

Clutch would love to come to your school and help electrify your next basketball game. For information on pricing and availability, call Dominic Davila, Mascot Coordinator, at (713) 758-7347. You can also see Clutch on his web site at

Letters of Reccomendation

Community Events

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, special business guests, or any other special moment worth punctuating with an exclamation!

Create a special personalized Rockets memory that will last a life time with an in-arena Clutch-Gram. Have Clutch make a special visit directly to you or your guest's seat at a Rockets home game complete with a Rockets/Clutch prize pack. silly string, autograph picture, photo, and hyjinks sure to draw attention. More info

School Shows

Clutch's School Shows Entertain, Educate, Excite, and Inspire! After almost two decades of interactive, themed school shows, Clutch has performed over 1,250 shows in front of more than ¾ million Houston area students from more than 360 schools!

Clutch Grams

Want to shake things up at the office and create the ultimate water cooler talk? Send Clutch to the office, school, restaurant or home to make a personalized visit for the next special occasion. Clutch will turn the your special someone's next Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary or Retirement into one they will NEVER forget! Complete with gift basket, pictures with co-workers & autographs photos/story books for the kids at home.

Corporate Events

Whether at the park or in the meeting room, Clutch will add FUN & EXCITEMENT to your next corporate gathering. In either a 10 minute "FLY BY" or full, hour-long interactive TEAM BUILDING SHOW, Clutch will put a new & memorable twist on your regular meeting! Shows include signature Clutch skits & dance routines as seen at Rockets games & on YouTube as well as interactive team building games designed to entertain & inspire your staff!

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs & More! Want to have the best celebration in town? Whether in front of kids at a birthday party or kids at heart at any event, Clutch's show will leave your guests talking about how unique and entertaining your gathering was. Magic show, games, pictures, autographs, photos, PRIZES & PARTY FAVORS are all included.

Clutch's Mascot Camp/Private Coaching

Personal mascot instruction from Clutch for performers of ALL levels, including non-verbal communication, animation, character development, improvisational techniques & antics, skit generation & execution, mascot magic tricks & stunts, a behind the scenes look at Rockets entertainment, and much more!  Includes 2 LOWER LEVEL ROCKETS TICKETS & the opportunity to PERFORM LIVE WITH CLUTCH ON THE TOYOTA CENTER COURT!

Summer Camp Show

An “Edutaining” summer with Clutch filled with games, interaction, learning & FUN!  The popular school show has been adapted for a camp setting and is now available for the first time for summer camp bookings.

High School Basketball Game

Rocketize your High School Basketball Games with Clutch.  Bring the hijinks, hilarity, & excitement Clutch delivers at Rockets games to your next Big Match Up!

Middle School Pep-Rallies

The popular Elementary School Shows adapted to an older audience (more energy and fast paced action that will have your tweens in stitches & cheering), while still weaving in the message of “EDUCATION IS #1!” and inspiring them to a better future, whether preparing for the STAAR, staying away from drugs & alcohol, or simply picking up a book more than the remote.

Company Holiday Parties

Clutch is just the right twist to add to your upcoming Holiday party!  Photos, autographs, laughs, and HUGS will be the holiday cheer you are looking for all wrapped up in a big teddy bear!

Festivals, Parades, and Church Gatherings

Fire your audience up at your next event.  Whether tossing items to the crowd from his scooter followed by the Mascot Mobile, mixing & mingling delivering his unique brand of impromptu comedy or performing his customized stage show to a captive audience, Clutch will pack the punch you are looking for.

For more information, Clutch's availability, or to schedule an appearance please call Clutch's Manager, Dominic Davila, at (713) 758-7347 or e-mail him at

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We will work with your school and administrators to Customize a program to help meet your school's goals.


This program is a great way to motivate your students to do their best on the STAAR test. We will give the students STAAR test taking suggestions that will help them to SHOOT FOR THE STAAR. After this program your students will be excited to take the test and focus on how best to prepare themselves the day before and the day of the test!

Clutch will come out and demonstrate the importance of SAYING NO TO DRUGS. Clutch's side-kick, the Rockets Ranger, and Clutch will remind students of the harmful effects of drugs and how a drug-free lifestyle is the only way to building a future and their education. Kung Fu Clutch will demonstrate his mighty "chop" to Drugs as a show finally.

This show focuses on building character and discouraging bullying. Pride stands for: Positive attitude, Respect and Responsibility, Intelligent decisions, Dreams and Determination, and Education. Along with entertaining skits, Clutch and his side-kick will list examples and elaborate with volunteers about the importance of these concepts

This program is a great way to help educate your students about going green and remembering the 3 Rs, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Students will learn that they can all do their own little part to save the world one act at a time. Clutch will make a DRAMATIC change himself with a surprise show ending where he REALLY GOES GREEN!

An exciting program that inspires children to understand the power and knowledge that reading brings to them in their everyday lives and how it facilitates their future through a solid education.

TEAM BUILDING SKILLS During this presentation Clutch and his sidekick will demonstrate the importance of working together as a team and how students can help one another to reach their dreams. Interactive skits are used to demonstrate GREAT teamwork with both teachers and students.

Clutch and his trusty sidekick will come out and motivate your students to get back into the groove for the new school year or reward them for a successful year. They will remind the students of good study habits, the importance of following the school rules, encourage the children to strive to do their very best, and continue their education through the summer on their own.

* These programs are heavily requested at specific times of the year.  Call early to reserve your show!

All programs are $850 per show.

**Need help bringing Clutch to your school? Call Cris Garthe in Rockets Group Sales at 713-758-7277 for details about how to get a FREE Clutch show and for fundraising opportunities to attend a Rockets game in Clutch’s Corner!**

“This program really helps focus and inspire our students.”
-Principal Davis - Milam Elementary - Conroe ISD

“The Clutch show both entertains and educates better than any program I’ve seen.”
-Principal Hoyt - Johnson Elementary - Aldine ISD

“We look forward to Clutch’s show every year!”
-Principal Martinez - Crespo Elementary - Houston ISD

“Worth every penny and then some!”
-Principal Rios - Burbank Elementary - Houston ISD

“If you think you know what a mascot does, think again!”
-Principal Montgomery - Liestman Elementary - Alief ISD

“Best program we’ve ever had!”
-Principal Godwin - Holleman Elementary- Waller ISD

For more information or to schedule call Clutch’s Manager, Dominic Davila, at (713) 758-7347.