Brand New Guy

Finally healthy, Eric Gordon arrived in Houston looking to revive his career. Little did he know he'd become the League's best Sixth Man too.

Via - Everyone in the gym was confused. Who’s this little kid warming up with the seventh grade Panthers travel team? Someone’s younger brother? The waterboy? Mascot?

“They didn’t believe that he could play. In Indiana, seventh grade AAU basketball is pretty strong. So Eric being a fourth grader, they go, ‘Fourth grade, are you kidding me?’”

That’s how the boy’s father, Eric Gordon Sr, remembers the scene that day at North Central High in Indianapolis. “They only had him come off the bench because he was a fourth grader and everyone else was in seventh grade. They won the state AAU title that year, and Eric came off the bench, but he was the leading scorer on the team and he led them in steals. I guess they didn’t want a fourth grader to start over a seventh grader.”

And that, before this season—his first with the Houston Rockets—was the last time Eric Gordon Jr came off the bench as a basketball player. So forgive him if it’s taken some time to get used to calling himself a reserve.

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