Houston's biggest 3-on-3 basketball tournament

Blacktop Battle on the Hardwood on Saturday and Sunday, February 23-24, 2019 at Mi3 Center.


  • When:
    • February 23rd - 24th
    • Team Check-In - 30 minutes before team's first scheduled game
    • Play Begins at 8:00AM
  • Where:
    • Mi3 Center
    • 1135 Ella Crossing Dr, Houston, TX 77090
  • What:
    • Tournament play indoors
    • Festival atmosphere with music, games, appearances by Rockets entertainers and more.

Team Champions

12u: Team Hardwork

14u: Katy Select

15u: PWP Defenders

16u: Woodlands Highlanders

17u: Team Hezofam

Adult Recreational: Sprinkle of Sugar

Adult Competitive: Reign

Adult Elite: PTB

Individual Competition Winners

Slam Dunk: Issac White (8x champion)

Skills Challenge: Deon Rodgers

Adult 3-pt Shooting: Carlos Rivera

Youth 3-pt Shooting: Trey Miller

NBA Live 19: Patrick Batiste


Where do we pick up player packets?

You may pick up your player packets on February 16 at Imperial Park Recreation Center (234 Matlage Way, Sugar Land 77478) from 10 AM–2 PM.

If you miss any of the above dates, you may pick up your packets the morning of the tournament, Saturday, February 23 starting at 8:00 AM.

What games are the tickets applicable towards?

  • February 25 vs Atlanta Hawks

Can my team register on the day of the tournament?

No, because the tournament schedule must be created ahead of time. The deadline to register your team is February 20 at 11:59 PM.

Are there any benefits of registering early?

Yes. Teams that complete registration by February 17 will receive up to $20 off their team registration fee ($130 for a 4-player team, $160 for a 5-player team) and every person on your team receives a Pre-Game Shoot-around. Regular pricing starts February 18 ($150 for a 4-player team, $175 for a 5-player team).

My team has not picked up their packets yet. Where do we go?

If you have not yet picked up your packets, you should go to the Headquarters tent.

Where can my team and/or guests park?

Participants and guests can park for free in the parking lot at Mi3 Center (1135 Ella Crossing Dr, Houston 77090).

Where is first aid located?

First aid is inside Mi3 Center. Please ask a Rockets representative for details.

Where are the restrooms located?

Restrooms are located inside the venue.

Can participants and guests buy food?

Yes, we have a food court area open all day Saturday & Sunday.

How do I sign up for the Slam Dunk Contest, 3-Point Shootout, and Skills Challenge?

Sign up for contests on Center Court are on a first-come, first served basis. To sign up, you should go to Center Court as early as possible and put your name on the list.

How do I know when and where my team plays?

All teams should log onto rockets.com on Friday afternoon, February 22 to find out their team schedule or arrive at 7:45 AM (Saturday morning, February 23) to view the scoreboard.

How many games do we play?

Teams will play three games against other teams in their division. These games are listed on your schedule. Following pool play, the top teams will advance to the playoff rounds.*The Rockets reserve the right to amend this when necessary.

How many teams advance to the playoffs?

The top teams in each division will advance. This number will vary and depend on the size of the division. The number of rounds in the playoffs will also vary.

How do I know if my team advanced to the playoffs?

Be sure to check with the scoreboard tent to receive your playoff schedule (if applicable).

Are referees provided for all courts?

Yes, one certified referee will work each court. The calls the referees make are final. Teams arguing calls may be assessed penalties including a technical foul, game forfeit, or expulsion from the tournament.

What if I disagree with the referee on his interpretation of the rules or the score?

If you believe that your referee is grossly misinterpreting the rules (e.g., scoring baskets by 2s and 3s instead of 1s and 2s), your TEAM CAPTAIN should mention this problem to the referee. If you still feel you have an issue after speaking to the referee about the problem, ask to speak to an assistant tournament director. This must be done immediately as game results and scores are considered final and cannot be contested. During the game, it is your responsibility to call out the score after each time you score. If you have not been doing so and the referee calls a different score, his/her score will stand. If you have been calling out the score and his/her differs from yours, follow the steps above about rule interpretations.

I think my team is in the wrong division. What should I do?

As soon as possible, report the error to the Scoreboard tent. If you are in fact in the wrong division, they will do their best to place you in the correct division.

I think another team is playing in the wrong division or is playing with ineligible players. What should I do?

Immediately report your suspicion to the Scoreboard tent so they can investigate the situation.

Can I change a player on my team?

You may only change a player on your team before your team plays its first scheduled game. After that, your roster is set. To change a player, go to the Scoreboard tent and ask for a Player Change form.

Two games were scheduled on my court at the same time. What should I do?

Go to the Scoreboard tent and explain the situation to them.

What do the winners receive?

Winners will receive awards, sponsor swag, championship t-shirts and recognition during an upcoming Rockets home game and bragging rights for an entire year.

How many tickets does my team get?

Each team entry receives 4 tickets to an upcoming Rockets home game (see above). A fifth ticket is included for teams that paid for a 5-person team.

When can I pick up my tickets?

Upon the completion of online registration, you will receive your tickets through Flash Seats.

I want to buy more tickets to the game.

You can do so by indicating the amount of additional tickets you need via the online registration. Call Elizabeth Lloyd for more info 713-758-7552.

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