Bearded Picasso by Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza makes an impassioned case for James Harden as the MVP in this Players' Tribune article.

Via - I’m here to try to convince the entire basketball world that James Harden is this year’s MVP.

But before I get started, if it’s cool with you, I want to just address Houston Rockets fans for a second.

What’s up, Red Nation? It’s playoff time again, and I want to do some reminiscing.

Remember last year around this time?

We’d just finished the season 41–41. It had been a rocky year — with two different coaches and some ups and downs. We barely snuck into the playoffs as the 8 seed, then lost in the first round.

It wasn’t the type of season we’d hoped for after the year before, when we went to the Western Conference finals. Remember?

I know you remember. And we do, too — because the off-season came early last year, which gave us a lot of time to think … and to listen.

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