Masai Ujiri, Vice-Chairman, Team President, Alternate NBA Governor
Wayne Embry, Senior Basketball Advisor
Bobby Webster, General Manager
Dan Tolzman, Assistant General Manager / Vice-President, Player Personnel
Teresa Resch, Vice-President, Basketball Operations & Player Development
Keith Boyarsky, Vice-President, Basketball Strategy & Research
John Wiggins, Vice-President, Organizational Culture & Inclusion
Matt Redfield, Senior Director, Strategy and Analytics
Patrick Engelbrecht, Director, Global Scouting & International Affairs
Curtis Crawford, Director, Player Personnel
Luke Winn, Director, Prospect Strategy / Assistant General Manager Raptors 905
Isaac Lax, Director, Roster Planning and Analysis
Shelby Weaver, Director, Basketball Operation & Culture
Mike Akuboh, Scout
Kevin Gamble, Scout
Abel Nson, Scout
Sarah Chan, Manager, Africa Scouting
Nick Nurse, Head Coach
Adrian Griffin, Assistant Coach
Trevor Gleeson, Assistant Coach
Earl Watson, Assistant Coach
Jim Sann, Assistant Coach
Nathaniel Mitchell, Assistant Coach
Jon Goodwillie, Assistant Coach
Eric Khoury, Assistant Coach
John Corbacio, Head Video Coordinator / Assistant Coach
Nate Bjorkgren, Coaching Consultant
Michael Prenger, Coaching Consultant
Jamaal Magloire, Basketball Development Consultant & Community Ambassador
Fabulous Flournoy, Assistant Video Coordinator / Player Development
Jordan Walker, Assistant Video Coordinator
Alex McKechnie, Vice-President of Player Health and Performance
Scott McCullough, Head Athletic Trainer
Jon Lee, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ray Chow, Physical Therapist
Giovanni Sardella, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Rayhan Malik, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Amanda Joaquim, Physiotherapist
Zahra Bruce, Massage Therapist
Jennifer Sygo, Nutritional Consultant 
Dr. Paul Marks, Team Medical Director / Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Howard Petroff, Assistant Team Medical Director
Alex Auerbach, Director, Wellness & Development 
Lacee Carmon-Johnson, Manager, Basketball Advancement 
Rae-Marie Rostant, Coordinator, Player Service & Advancement
John Altilia, Director, Team Security
Bill Bevan, Assistant, Security Manager
Kevin DiPietro, Director, Team Travel
Paul Elliott, Equipment Manager
Curtis Andrade, Assistant Equipment Manager
Jennifer Taylor, Manager, Team Services
Tim Chung, Executive Assistant
Geni Melville, Executive Assistant
Happy Pharwaha, Technology Lead
Tenneya Martin, Manager, Organizational Culture & Inclusion
Roxanne Richardson, Social Impact Manager
Jennifer Quinn, Director, Communications
Phil Summers, Senior Manager, Communications
Justine Jones, Coordinator, Communications