2018-19 North Side Crew

2018-19 North Side Crew Vladimir


Saint-Petersburg, Russia
When you're not dancing what keeps you busy?
I play my little ukulele and collect vintage vinyls.
dream job
I have it. I do what I love!
Celebrity Look-a-like
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
I am Russian. We have a lot of superstitions. For example, if you step on your friend's foot, he has to step on your foot too, otherwise you can have a row. Or spilling salt causes bad luck. To avoid it you have to laugh loudly and spill salt on your head.
Favourite food
My favorite dish is traditional Russian soup Borsch
Favourite place to eat in Toronto
Best part about being on the North Side Crew
Being on this team means being among amazing people and true professionals. Every dancer is unique and interesting. We are gorgeous individuals on our own, but together we are so fabulous that Chuck Norris wants to join our team.