2018-19 North Side Crew

2018-19 North Side Crew Luke


Orangeville, Ontario
Dancer, Dance Teacher/Choreographer, and Server
person you admire the most
I admire my Mom and my Aunt the most
dream job
Wake up every day and dance
dream vacation
I would love to go to Japan and travel the country
If you could live in another time period, what would it be and why?
I would have loved to live in the 50's and 60's because of all the great music that was out at the time and all the amazing dance that was big at the time like Tap and the start of Street dance
Celebrity Look-A-Like
I apparently sound exactly like Seth Rogan, but I look like David Beckham's son
Describe yourself in 3 words
Energetic, Loud, and Happy
What makes you laugh?
Everything makes me laugh but I do love fail videos
All-time favourite raptors moment
Vince Carter's Dunk at the All-star game
Best part about being on the Raptors North Side Crew
The best part about being on this team is all the amazing people that I get to learn with and work with