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As the Raptors cleared out their lockers on Monday for the last time, there seemed to be an equal mixture of happiness and sadness after completing the best season in team history, but falling inches short of the Eastern Conference Final.


Vince Carter and coach Lenny Wilkens talk about the heart-breaking Game 7 loss.
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The Raptors came one basket short in their quest to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals Sunday. Vince Carter scored 20 points and had nine assists but his last-second shot failed to go down in an 88-87 loss in Game 7 as the Sixers took the Eastern Conference semifinal series, 4-3.

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    Chuck Swirsky, the voice of the Raptors, talks about the Raptors' emotional playoff ending, reflects on the season and offers some insight into the offseason.

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    Everyone knows the fangs of the Raptors belong to Vince Carter, but the rest of the team has some bite as well. See how they plan to munch on the Sixers with an animated diagram from the Raptors' playbook.

    Get the lowdown on the Raptors/Sixers series on the series index. From stats to analysis to video and more,'s series page brings you in-depth coverage of the Round 2 series.

    During the playoffs, the Raptors' Jerome Williams, known as the Junk Yard Dog, answered fans email. Check out his reponses:

  • May 4: Williams answers

    Jerome Williams is one of many new faces to the Raps' lineup this year.
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    Relive history and take a look back at the Raptors' 3-2 series win over New York in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals with the Raptors' Round 1 archive. From recaps and boxscores to analysis and video, the Round 1 archive brings revisits all the memorable moments.

    From the first day of training camp, just making the playoffs was never going to be enough for the 2001 Raptors. Through a midseason makeover to the postseason, it became the most successful year for the Raptors.

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