Checking In Before Training Camp

This is something I always wanted to do. To share what I go through, to show everybody what it’s really like. I want to show you I'm working in the gym twice a day, but I also know you want to see what I'm doing for fun away from the court!

I know I would always look at a lot of NBA players and wish I knew what they were doing after the game or after practice. What are they doing at home or when they go out to get something to eat? But now, with stuff like Twitter out there, it’s so much easier for me to share my life with my fans when I’ve got that time and doing this “mini-show” this season, I’m going to get to show you guys even more.

As for right now, I’m starting to settle in here in Toronto. I’ve found a place to live and I’m working on getting all that settled today. I may let the cameras in for a tour so you guys can all check it out when I’m set up and everything.

I’ve got to see more of the city since it’s Film Festival week. We went out with Steve Nash about a week ago and that was great. Just being around the whole atmosphere and really feeling the vibe from everybody – sometimes I forget I’m a rookie in Toronto! And that when I go out, I’m going to get recognized. That’s still a little strange!

Everybody’s been greeting me like “welcome to the city,” and telling me where the good restaurants are and everything. I went to the mall about a week ago and it was crazy! You’d think a pop star or something was walking through the mall!

It’s been a lot of fun, but my main focus is the season. I’m still working on my overall game, trying to get better at everything that I do. I don’t want to come into the season with limitations on my game.

- DeMar