Personal Seat License
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Personal Seat License

  • A Personal Seat License (PSL) is a one-time purchase
  • Provides the ability to renew your seats as a Season Ticket Member on an annual basis
  • A Membership provides savings, access, and distinction
  • A PSL provides flexibility to transfer your Membership when desired

Membership Central
Toronto Raptors Clinics

The PSL Marketplace

  • Sell, purchase, transfer, and relocate through the Official Toronto Raptors PSL Marketplace
  • Toronto Raptors have partnered with reputable Season Ticket Rights (STR) to power the PSL Marketplace
  • Every transaction is vetted by the MLSE Ticket Office

Visit the Marketplace


You can purchase non-premium locations without a PSL. However, we are currently sold out of Season Ticket Memberships. If you’re interested in joining the waitlist, click here.
The cost of a Season Ticket Membership ranges depending on the location from $1,000 to $12,000 and are subject to change annually. This is excluding Courtside.
If you have an existing relationship with transferee, you can submit the request as a private transfer on the Marketplace or alternatively, you can contact your representative for the transfer paperwork.
A Private Transfer, the buyer and seller will handle the exchange of money on their own. A Private Sale Transfer, the PSL Marketplace will handle the transfer of money from buyer to seller. STR will handle the PSL documentation in both scenarios.
There is a 10% Sellers Fee and a 5% Buyers fee. However, you can post free of charge!
The fastest way to relocate or upgrade yours seats is to sell your current PSL(s) and purchase a new PSL on the Marketplace.


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