Kyle Lowry Rewriting The Record Books Again

by Holly MacKenzie

Though the Raptors didn’t get the result they were looking for on Thursday night, the game marked another milestone for Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry. A three-pointer from Atlanta guard Tony Snell as time expired gave the Hawks a 121-120 victory, but along the way, Lowry earned yet another place in the Raptors history books, passing Chris Bosh (10,275 points) to move into second place on the franchise’s all-time scoring list. Lowry (10,288 points) now trails only DeMar DeRozan (13,296 points).

“I think it's amazing,” Raptors head coach Nick Nurse said. “I don't think he was ever billed as the guy, when he came here, eight years ago, that he was going to score in historical proportions like he’s done. Credit to him for his determination, how he’s built his game, his shooting, his longevity. He’s out there every night, throwing his body around, finding ways to get the ball in the basket, night after night, for a lot of years now. That’s quite an accomplishment for him.”

On Thursday, it was a three-pointer in the second quarter that pushed Lowry past Bosh, but the usual assists and defence were also on display, along with a band-aid high on his cheekbone after another fearless defensive stand, stepping in and taking contact to prevent an easy bucket.

None of this is new for Raptors fans who fell in love with Lowry’s game from the jump when he first arrived in Toronto in 2012, but each new Lowry accomplishment has only served as another reminder. In a season marked by its unfamiliarity, with players and coaches moving in and out of action around the league because of health and safety protocols and with the Raptors spending their season in Tampa Bay, the Raptors show up expecting to win each night because this is the mindset that Lowry has always had. Regardless of the situation he is staring down, he simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Though Thursday’s loss stung, as all buzzer-beating losses do, Lowry allowed a rare moment of reflection during his postgame availability, even if, in typical Lowry fashion, the moment was as much about giving appreciation to the man he passed to move into second place as it was about his own accomplishment.

“Passing a guy that’s a Hall-of-fame finalist, shout out to Chris Bosh, what he did for this franchise, just carrying it for a while, to pass him is an honour,” Lowry said. “It’s something I never shot for, or tried to do. It’s just amazing that I was able to do something like that and pass a great player like Chris.”

In addition to moving into second place on the team’s all-time scoring list, Lowry, a six-time All-Star with the Raptors, already owns the franchise records for assists, steals, three-point field goals and triple-doubles. 


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