Throwback Thursday: Raptors Hit Playoff Lead of 26 - Now and Then.

Have you recovered from last night?

Mixed within the madness of a smooth sailing turned stormy Game 5 run for the Raptors was this historic fact:

The original record was set during the Raptors and Sixers playoff meeting in 2001.

Amir Johnson had just celebrated his 14th birthday, just prior to his Westchester High basketball days. Today he turns 27.


Janet Jackson's 'All for You' topped the Billboard charts.

Kyle Lowry was apparently on an outdoor court in North Philadelphia when shots rang out, the Bulldog status beginning at a young age.

Apple released the iPod.

DeMar DeRozan was in grade six in Compton, California, which he claims was when he performed his first dunk.

And Jurassic Park III was released.

Last night at Air Canada Centre, with four minutes remaining in the third quarter, Kyle Lowry drained a 3-point shot to hit the 26-point spread. The win gave the Raptors a 3-2 lead on the series.

May 11, 2001 at Air Canada Centre, with 45 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Morris Peterson drained a 3-point shot to hit the 26-point spread. The win gave the Raptors a 2-1 lead on the series which ran through seven games.

Morris Peterson was in attendance at last night's game. So was his teammate back in 2001, Jerome Williams.

'I remember my first playoff series coming to the game and they said it was going to be exciting and it was just, I mean, it felt like the roof was going off the building...' - Mo Pete
He reminisces with former teammates about the playoffs in Open Gym.


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