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2020-21 Toronto Raptors Membership

As a valued Member with the Toronto Raptors, we would like to thank you for your continued support.

Please review the important information below regarding your tickets for the 2020 Playoffs and your Membership for the 2020-21 season.

2020 Playoffs

To confirm the purchase of your 2020 Playoff tickets, login to your Raptors account manager and follow the steps below. The deadline to secure your Playoff tickets is still to-be-determined. Members will be notified via email with additional information.

By signing up for the pay-as-confirmed Playoff payment plan, you will only be charged for home games that are guaranteed to be played. Your credit card will automatically be charged for home games once they are confirmed.

For example, in Round 1, you will be charged for the first two home games once a playoff spot has been confirmed. You will only be charged for the third or fourth home game in the round if they become necessary. This same process will repeat for each playoff round.

Please follow the steps below to officially secure your Playoff tickets:

  1. Login to your Online Account Manager.
  2. Select your "2020 Playoff Invoice" from the Home Page or Invoices Page.
  3. Review your summary and click "Continue" to proceed to Payment Options.
  4. Select or add a payment method.
  5. Select or add your credit card and click "Continue".
  6. Click "Payment Option" and select the "Pay As Confirmed" payment plan.
  7. Leave the "Amount" to be charged today at $0.00 and click "Continue" — Payments will automatically be processed onto your credit card at a later date as games are confirmed.
  8. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click "Confirm" to finalize your signup.

For your convenience, we encourage you to pay via credit card using the pay-as-confirmed payment option outlined above. If your preference remains cheque payment, please note that payment in full for all potential home games in all 4 rounds is required.

Following the conclusion of the Playoffs, a refund will be issued for any un-played playoff games. Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your refund.
  • Cheque(s) must be made payable to 'Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Partnership.'
  • Please be sure to include your Account # on the cheque(s)
  • Cheque(s) must be sent to: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment | Membership Office | 50 Bay St. | Toronto, ON M5J 2L2

2020-21 Membership Auto-Renewal

No action required

For the 2020-21 season, the renewal of your Membership will be automatically setup using the same payment preferences that were used during the 2019-20 season. If your payment information has not changed, no action is required!

Payment Plan Options

Annual Payments

Pay in full

Semi-Annual Payments

2 x 50% Installments

Monthly Payments

Monthly Installment Plan*

*Credit Card only. Not available to Commercial Reseller Members

View Your Invoice

Log in to your Raptors account manager to download a copy of your Membership invoice in PDF format.

  1. Click on invoices
  2. Select the 2020-21 Renewal Invoice
  3. Click PRINT to download a copy

Update Your Payment Information

If you would like to change your existing payment plan to one of the options listed below, please contact your Membership Representative or call 416-366-DUNK (3865)

Review your current Membership Terms & Conditions.
Information on how to cancel your membership.

Your 2020-21 Membership Includes

  • 41 Regular Season Games
  • 1 pre-season game*
  • Priority Access to tickets for the 2021 NBA Playoffs

* Your Membership package will include ONE pre-season game. Please note that additional pre-season games may be played at Scotiabank Arena, but those will not be included as part of your Membership Package. Stay tuned for more information regarding additional pre-season games as it becomes available.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Managing your membership has never been easier! Download the Toronto Raptors mobile app today.

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Membership Screen

Your Raptors food and beverage credits will now be known as Member Dollars. Member Dollars can be used for food and beverage purchases at Scotiabank Arena or at Real Sports Apparel for merchandise.

Other Exclusive Benefits:

  • Invites to Member Events
  • Exclusive Partner Offers
  • 15% discount at Real Sports Apparel
  • Priority Entrance Line at Gate 1
  • Member of The Game & Member Wall Recognition
  • Exclusive Game Day Experiences
  • And much more Exclusive Membership Benefits*

*Please Note: Membership benefits are exclusive to Traditional Members, not available to Commercial Resale Members

Looking for Additional Memberships?

As a Member, you’re a crucial part of making Scotiabank Arena one of the most intimidating arenas to play in.

Due to the overwhelming demand for Memberships, a Wait List has been created. If you’re interested in purchasing additional Memberships for the 2020-21 season, join our Wait List today.