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Western Conference, Best of Five First-Round Series
Game 1:
Spurs 87, Timberwolves 82 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio
Game 2:
Spurs 86, Timberwolves 69 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio
Game 3:
Timberwolves 93, Spurs 84 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio
Game 4:
Spurs 97, Timberwolves 84 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio

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David Robinson and Tim Duncan weren't going to let the series go back to the Lone Star state. The dynamic duo dominated the post, combining for 45 points and 30 boards in the Spurs' series-ending 97-84 win over the Timberwolves on Monday. Danny Ferry was instrumental in the deciding game, as his outside shooting provided 16 crucial points for San Antonio. The Spurs will meet the winner of the Jazz-Mavs series in Round 2.
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    Garnett and Duncan
    Tim Duncan and Antonio Daniels celebrate the series deciding win.
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