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Eastern Conference Best-of-Five First-Round Series
Game 1:
Pacers 79, 76ers 78 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio
Game 2:
76ers 116, Pacers 98 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio
Game 3:
76ers 92, Pacers 87 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio
Game 4:
76ers 88, Pacers 85 | Box Score | TV Highlights: 28.8+ | ISDN+ | Postgame Presser: 56k | 256k | Audio

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There is rejoicing all over Philadelphia, as Allen Iverson sent the Pacers packing with a 33-point performance that gave the Sixers an 88-85 win in Game 4 to take that series 3-1. Dikembe Mutombo dominated the paint, posting 16 points and 11 rebounds, as well a key role on defense. The Sixers will now face the winner of the Raptors-Knicks series in Round 2.
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Postgame news conference: 56k | 256k | Audio
Dikembe Mutombo scores a deuce on the putback: 914k avi | QuickTime
Before the Sixers' Game 4 matchup with the Pacers, Tyrone Hill gave a rundown of his pre-game menu and talked team jokesters in response to a selection of fan e-mails.
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Allen Iverson knows the Sixers can build on their first-round victory.
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Isiah Thomas says his team gave a great effort against a good Sixers team.
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    After practice between Games 2 and 3, Jalen Rose talked about confidence gained from the Pacers' legendary coaches and keeping in touch with his former Fab Five-mates in answers to fan e-mail.
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    Iverson took it to the Pacers in Game 4.
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