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Notes on Best-of-Five Playoff Series
Facts On Five
The best-of-five games format has been used in the NBA Playoffs 164 times in league history. Following are some notes on best-of-five play, through NBA Playoffs 2000:

GETTING A JUMP: It's important to win Game 1 of the series. The team that wins the opening game has gone on to win 138 of 164 (.841) best-of-five series.

HOW LONG?: It's hard to predict how long a series will last. Of the 164 best-of-five series played in NBA history, 56 have gone the limit, with 50 three-game sweeps.

HOME SWEET HOME: The homecourt advantage is significant in best-of-five series, with teams with the advantage having won 120 of 164 (.732) series.

COMEBACK KINGS: Five teams (Fort Wayne, 1956; Golden State, '87; New York, '90; Phoenix, '93; Denver, '94) have rebounded from a 2-0 deficit to win a series:
1956 -- Fort Wayne (vs. St. Louis), Western Division Finals
1987 -- Golden State (vs. Utah), Western Conference First Round
1990 -- New York (vs. Boston), Eastern Conference First Round
1993 -- Phoenix (vs. L.A. Lakers), Western Conference First Round
1994 -- Denver (vs. Seattle), Western Conference First Round

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