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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Toronto Raptors
Williams Answers E-mail
Raptors forward Jerome Williams, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions from fans on the off day before Game 4 against the Knicks. The Raptors are down in the series 2-1 to the Knicks in the Eastern Conference first round.

Where do you get your long black socks?
Toronto, Ontario

Williams: I just really overstretch the team socks that we all wear. I stretch them to just below my knees.

Coming to Toronto midseason, how has Lenny Wilkens benefited and improved your game, and how will this help you in the playoffs?
Anthony and Lisa
Hamilton, Ontario

Williams: Coach Wilkens has helped me think about the game more but I know that I have a lot more to learn from him throughout my time here.

Which do you enjoy more, the regular season or the playoffs?
St. Catharines, Ontario

Williams: I enjoy the regular season more because there are more highlights.

When you lost to the Knicks on Sunday what were you planning to do different for Game 4?
Toronto, Ontario

Williams: We need to play more aggressive defense and be hungrier in order to defeat the Knicks in Game 4.

How did you feel when your coach at Detroit told you that you were getting traded to the Raptors?
Toronto, Ontario

Williams: I found out about two hours after the trade and I was shocked but I'm really happy to be here in Toronto -- it's a great place.

What kind of edge do you think the Raptors have on all other teams?
Cabot, Ark.

Williams: I feel that we have a good game on both sides of the court. Our combination of youth and veteranship can help us battle through tough times as well.

I was just wondering what do you feel is the team's weaknesses and strengths for the playoffs so far?
Pawtucket, R.I.

Williams: Our weakness -- we don't have Shaq. Our strength -- we have Vince.

My girlfriend and I are huge Raptors fans and we watch almost every game. Some of our favourite moments are form watching you get emotional from the bench. When you get into the game, it really seems to spark the whole team and especially Vince. Why do you think he responds to your energy so dramatically? P.S. I'm officially requesting more dancing from you on the court. We love it!
Ottawa, Ontario

Williams: I think Vince gets pumped up because with more energy comes more highlight footage -- and we all like the highlights. As far as dancing is concerned, I'll be sure to get my groove on more on the court.

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