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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Indiana Pacers
Rose Answers E-mail
Pacers guard Jalen Rose, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions from fans on the off day following Indiana's 79-78 upset win over the Sixers in Game 1. The Pacers hold a 1-0 series lead in the Eastern Conference first round.

Congratulations on finally getting a chance these past two years to show that you are a superstar in the league. My question for you is if you and the Kings were to meet in the Finals, what kind of war would it be between you and C-Webb (Chris Webber)?

Rose: It would be a great war, actually. It would be kind of like a dream come true for two guys who started out playing AAU ball in Detroit together as 12-year-olds, to finally meet at center stage for a world championship, that's the thing dreams are made of.

I'd like to know how you see your team, Indiana Pacers, in playoffs. I mean, if you see your team able to win the ring. Thanks for answering.
Baracaldo, Spain

Rose: I see our team as having as good an opportunity as there is. I figure if the NBA championship has ever been wide open, this is the season.

Big Pacer fan here. I was wondering if you think the offense runs smoother when Travis (Best) is running the point which opens you up to score more rather than you running the point and finding your own shots?
Orange County, Calif.

Rose: It depends on if I'm making shots. It's tough for me to be part of the problem and a solution. The good thing about me is I can play one, two and three. If we're going to start Travis, I can still go out and perform.

Hey Jalen, you are one of the best three point players I know and you really carried your team to the playoffs. My question to you is: Can you guys beat Allen Iverson and the Sixers?

Rose: I think we can beat them, but it's not going to be easy. The thing we need to do is frustrate Iverson, make him earn every inch of the floor and make his teammates to be the guys to beat us, not him.

How did you perfect that floating teardrop?

Rose: By playing outside on the playground with the wind blowing, against big sweaty guys twice my age willing to knock me down if I went all the way to the backboard.

How do you feel going into the playoffs? I don't mean physically, but mentally? I am sure that you and the Pacers believe you can win, but is there any doubt in your minds?
Tennessee Temple University

Rose: Not an inkling.

Mr.Rose, how badly do you and your fellow teammates want another chance to go to the Finals again?

Rose: Defending your championship is like waking up in the morning. It's something you anticipate but you don't realize it's there until it happens. That's the best thing we have going for us, that we're the defending conference champions, and we're going to be that until somebody beats us.

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