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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Milwaukee Bucks
Hunter Answers E-mail
Bucks guard Lindsey Hunter, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions before Game 7 against the Sixers. The Eastern Conference Finals series is tied 3-3.

Hey Lindsey, I know you're from Mississippi originally, and I was just wondering what you thought about the Wisconsin weather?
Green Bay, Wisc.

Hunter: It's like Detroit. I was in Detroit for seven years, so I'm used to it. It's cold and I've adapted to it, but I would like it to warm up a little bit.

How have you adapted to the playoffs and when you come back next year to the season what have you learned that can be used in reference to next year's playoffs and the regular season?
Vicki Milwaukee

Hunter: I think the biggest thing we've learned is that we can't come out and play a regular season type of game. Too many times in these playoffs, I think we've come out and played that way, and there's a total difference.

I remember hearing a story about when your dad tied down your right hand to force you to be ambidextrous. Was that a true story?
Vallejo, Calif.

Hunter: Very true. My dad tied my right hand so that I would be able to use my left hand better. He did it until I could use my left.

I once saw you on a Christian television program and you we're talking about your relationship with the Lord. How hard is it to maintain your Christian values in the NBA?
Flushing, Mich.

Hunter: It's not hard. It helps me stay grounded. It helps me deal with everyday situations. It helps me go through my struggles with a smile on my face, because I know that you don't struggle forever.

I'm 10 years old and I'm starting to get serious about basketball -- the Bucks are my favorite team. What was the reaction when you got drafted out of college? How did you feel?
Amery, Wisc.

Hunter: It felt like I was dreaming. I didn't know what to make of it. I stayed in a dream world until I started playing, and then you sort of realize what has happened. It was fun.

Now that the 76ers have tied the series 3-3, how do you feel about going into Game 7 without home court advantage?
Albany, Calif.

Hunter: We took care of business at home, and now we just have to go and get one on the road. It's like the tournament now. You win, you keep playing.

What adjustment should the team make concerning Mutombo on the offensive end? And how do you stop A.I.?
Hampton, Va.

Hunter: With Mutombo, limit his second shots. I think that's where he gets the majority of his points -- on putbacks. I think Ervin has done a great job as far as matching him, but it will take a total team effort to rebound the ball. I think we've done a great job on Allen. You can't really stop a guy like that; you just have to limit his baskets and continue to try and take away his right hand.

I am a big fan of the Bucks and I was wondering who you think the most important player for the Bucks to win the championship is? I wish you guys the best of luck.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hunter: I don't think there's one guy. It will take a total team effort to win. I think everyone knows that a lot of guys step up during playoff time that you didn't hear about during the season. Those are the types of efforts we'll have to continue to get to be successful.

When you are out on the court shooting free throws, what are you feeling and thinking?
Emmalena, Ky.

Hunter: Nothing. You don't think about anything, or that's when you'll start to miss them.

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