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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Milwaukee Bucks
Hunter Answers E-mail
Bucks guard Lindsey Hunter, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions between the first and second round. The Bucks will meet the Hornets in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Do you think it will be in your favour to meet Charlotte in the second round since they are very confident after defeating the Heat?
Victoria, Seychelles

Hunter: Well, it didn't really matter to me. We all feel the same way -- it didn't matter. We just want to come out and compete. You can't look at who you'd rather play. Charlotte won, so that's who we have to play and we know what we have to do to win games.

I'd first like to congratulate you on your outstanding contributions to the team's success this year. You've been exciting and enjoyable to watch, especially with those BUD Bombers. Anyways, here is my question: How are you anticipating the second round against Charlotte? I know that Charlotte poses an entirely different threat as opposed to the earlier anticipated Miami Heat. How will the team prepare differently for the Hornets?
Brookfield, Wisc.

Hunter: I don't think we change our preparation, but we know we have to key on certain things that they do well, such as offensive rebounding. They are, I think, the best offensive rebounding team in the NBA, so we have to focus on just limiting them to one shot, one possession at a time. If we do that, then we have a great chance because we can score the ball so well.

Hi Lindsey, my question is regarding Game 3 of the series. Tracy McGrady was doing some serious jawing with several Bucks players it seemed and publicly made some pretty poor comments about the Big Dog. Will the team along with Robinson usually respond to this criticism or is it normally an individual thing?
Menasha, Wisc.

Hunter: I think when you have an opposing player that does do that, he's trying to gain some kind of mental edge, diverting your attention somewhere else so you can't focus on what you really need to do, and that's win the game. We took it as that. Overall, we felt we were a better team, and in cases like that teams will do anything they can to get an advantage. We overcame it, we didn't respond. We won the series, and now it's over.

It seems to me that players like you, Allen, and Robinson play better and with more intensity when other players talk trash. What do you think?
Whitewater, Wisc.

Hunter: I think that's true. Not responding the way they want you to is the best way to deal with it. Come out, play harder, with more intensity and show them instead of tell them. That's the best way to approach it.

Tell me, if you could, who the pranksters on the team are? And what do you do for fun in other cities, like say Orlando? Hey, keep shooting those threes.
Wausau, Wisc.

Hunter: I'd say myself, Ervin and Ray are probably the main three pranksters. When you have time off in a place like Orlando, you want to get some rest, you know. I'll go out and get a nice dinner, try to catch up on a lot of reading, and other things I need to do. You really have to stay focused in the playoffs, because you don't always know how many days off you'll have. So I just try to take it easy and stay focused.

I'm a huge fan of the Bucks, and I was actually able to get to a game this year against the Lakers. I've noticed what essential skills you and Jason Caffey bring to the team. What has it meant to you to be the "loose change" of the team? Keep up the great work!
Reedsburg, Wisc.

Hunter: I think we've accepted our roles. We know what our duties are, once we are in the game. We go out and try to do that to the best of our abilities. Our coaches have total confidence in us, our teammates also. That makes it easy to just come off and do your thing.

What is your favorite moment about this year?
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Hunter: Getting out of the first round, no doubt about it. This is my first time getting out of the first round, and it's exciting for me. There's nothing we don't think we can accomplish, I think what we want to do now is go all the way. You can't get satisfied and I don't think we are. It's exciting to be in an atmosphere like this.

I understand that you and Ervin Johnson are good friends and I am very grateful that after every game, you and Ervin pray at the midcourt line. I was wondering how has your friendship with Ervin affected your team's success and how has his leadership affected you?
#1 Fan
Racine, Wisc.

Hunter: When you have guys that are close, that makes your team better. I think it draws a certain unity that you can't get just by being teammates only. With us, being good friends and providing leadership in our own way, that helps every individual know that we're guys who are serious about what we do, but there for everyone, and there's no picking and choosing. We're teammates, but we're friends.

While living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the past four years, I had grew to love the game of basketball and especially, the Milwaukee Bucks. I went through all the disappointing years with Vin Baker and Terrell Brandon.

Is it more satisfying for you to be a backup to Sam Cassell than to be the starting PG for Detroit? If so, why? Is it the city? The fans?

Rochester, N.Y.

Hunter: That's easy. Yes, I'd take the role of backing up Sam on a winner any day. If we can get to the Finals and win a championship or just where we are now, in a position to get there, is more satisfying than averaging 20 points and starting on a bad team.

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