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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Milwaukee Bucks
Hunter Answers E-mail
Bucks guard Lindsey Hunter, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions from fans between Games 2 and 3. The Bucks lead the series 2-0 over the Magic in the Eastern Conference first round.

Well first of all I want to say great job this year!! Thanks for all you have done this year with the Bucks!! What do you like best about being on the Bucks??
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Hunter: The camaraderie, the way the personalities mix. We have a lot of different guys and we mix well. When I first came here, I knew all of the guys, but not personally.

After starting most of your games with Detroit, how are you adapting to the situation you are in now -- not starting but coming up big in many situations?
St. Cloud, Wisc.

Hunter: I enjoy it. I knew the situation when coming here. I liked it, and I really wanted to be on a winner.

I have been watching the Bucks since I was a little girl and I love the improvement of the team. I believe Coach Karl has rebuilt the House that the majority of the NBA can't knock down. My question is what really keeps this team together through good and bad?
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Hunter: I think the level of maturity we have on the team. We have a lot of mature guys, a lot of older guys, mixing in with the young guys. That mix helps us when things don't go the way they should.

In the pregame on TNT Sunday (4/22) Ahmad Rashad told Charles Barkley it was nice talking to him. Barkley's response was "You guys at NBC got all the good games and we got all the bad games." How does that make you feel? It seems like no one is taking the Bucks seriously ... and surprise ... you're here to stay. Anyway, I was so ticked off by that remark.
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Hunter: It doesn't bother me personally. I really hope teams start to overlook us. I like that.

My question for you is: How has the fan intensity been for the Bucks this season? Has it helped this team, and do you think it will help this team during the playoffs? I wish you guys luck, and I'm hoping I can make it up for at least one playoff game.

Hunter: You can't ask for better fan support than what we've had this year. I think it really picked up around mid-season. That's when it really got energized. We struggled, and after that we really picked it up as a team.

First let me start out by saying thank you for coming to Milwaukee, you've really been a great addition. In the first game against Orlando, was there a lot of trash talking taking place? In your opinion, what is the biggest difference in the playoffs compared to the regular season?
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Hunter: Just the intensity level. Every game is so important now, and in the regular season games are important, but not your life. Right now, if you lose, there's a chance you could be going home shortly after.

I was just wandering what how do you and the rest of the Bucks prepare for a big game like your games against Orlando and other great teams like the Lakers, what is the atmosphere like in practice and what is the atmosphere like when you are minutes away from a big game? I'm asking these questions because since the beginning of the season you guys have really picked up your game and I have faith that you guys will bring the championship spirit back to the Mil-Town.
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Hunter: We're more intense during practices. Mentally, George prepares us differently than a regular season game, because it's a different situation. Collectively, we all have the same routine. It's basically the same, but just a little more intense.

Do you think that the Bucks will sweep Orlando in the entire series of the playoffs, or will it come down to the last game? How far do you think this team can actually go?
Oshkosh, Wisc.

Hunter: We want to win. We don't want to take for granted the fact that we have a 2-0 lead. I think this team can win it all as long as we put our minds to it. That door is open for us, and hopefully we can take advantage of it.

Do you think the series will change with the next game being in Orlando? Will you ride on your momentum or will the Magic have a bit of an advantage?
Tallahassee, Fla.

Hunter: I think going home will help them a lot. They'll be more intense. The crowd will energize them, like ours did for us. They'll try to deal with us the same way. They played us great, but being home helps them a little, and we just need to go down there and keep focused.

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