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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Los Angeles Lakers
Horry Answers E-mail
Lakers forward Robert Horry, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions from fans after practice Games 1 and 2 against the Kings. The Lakers lead the Western Conference Semifinal series 1-0.

I'm a really big Lakers fan. I am really impressed with how the team has come together the past few weeks. Anyway, here's my question: What do you do to get ready for a game?
West Covina, Calif.

Horry: It depends. Early games, like a noon game, I just try to go to bed early at night, get up and put some fruit in my stomach because I'm not really a breakfast person. I just try to get lots of rest and get something in my stomach before a game.

My question is what hobbies do you have in the offseason and what kind of activities do you enjoy during the season and on the road to keep your sanity?
Tacoma, Wash.

Horry: In the off-season, I like fishing, hunting, and traveling. I think I do a lot more traveling than anything. I go and see family and try to get some R & R. During the season, I just sit in my room, watch movies or go to the movies. I keep it simple.

How do you think you will be able to handle Chris Webber?
Ogallala, Neb.

Horry: It's going to be difficult because they're really going to try to use him to get them going. It's going to be up to us to stay basic and stay out of foul trouble so that we can have four guys on him. We have to play hard and stay in front of him.

What do you think you will be able to contribute on the defensive end against Sacramento and what potential matchups do you see yourself in?
Bakersfield, Calif.

Horry: Match-ups against Webber, Turkoglu, and on occasion Pollard -- those are the guys I'll have to guard. Defensive schemes have to be basic. Help-out when it's needed, but don't try to help too much. Most of the time, when you're guarding Webber, you want to limit his touches as much as possible.

Do you think Chris Webber will be more difficult to guard than Rasheed Wallace?
El Tazz
Bakersfield, Calif.

Horry: They're both tough, but have different styles. Webber uses a little more strength than Wallace, but Wallace has a better outside touch so you have to worry about him all around the court. Webber has a 15 or 20 footer, but he doesn't have the three range like Rasheed does.

First of all I am a really big fan of the L.A. Lakers. My question is do you think facing Sacramento in round two will be more of a challenge to you than Portland in round one?
Phenix City, Ala.

Horry: It's going to be more of a challenge this round because you have to play more games. Portland was going through all the troubles with guys being suspended, a guy tearing his knee up, and a guy having to go to rehab. It's very different because those guys were going through some turmoil and this team (Sacramento) isn't.

I'm a post player, but I have big feet for a girl! Could you give me any tips on some quick low-post moves, so that my feet won't get in the way so much?! I want to make varsity b-ball next year, and I'm already starting to practice. Hope you can help me! thank you! GO LAKERS!!!!
Le Le
Kenosha, Wisc.

Horry: If you have big feet, you have to jump a lot of rope and do a lot of things to get your footwork going. Showing somebody some moves is one thing, but for the most part you have to learn to use the big feet to your advantage. You have to jump rope, hop-scotch and do anything to get your feet moving. Then, just work on what you think is your best move.

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