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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Philadelphia 76ers
Hill Answers E-mail
Sixers guard Tyrone Hill, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions from fans on the off day before Game 4 against the Pacers. The Sixers lead the series 2-1 in the Eastern Conference first round.

Who is the funniest person in the locker room?

Hill: Todd MacCulloch and Allen Iverson are the funniest people on the team. Todd is always playing practical jokes and AI's always trying to keep guys upbeat. Even when things aren't working out, he's always trying to do something to get everyone in a better mood. So definitely Todd MacCulloch and Allen Iverson.

Many NBA players have very unusual rituals in preparation before game time. Some players like to pray, have a cup of coffee with five creamers and 10 sugars, eat Reese's cups, rap to themselves while listening to head phones, meditate and read the newspaper (The USA Today). What is your unusual pre-game ritual and does this ritual help you focus during a game?

Hill: My ritual on game day is I usually eat a turkey club sandwich on whole wheat toast with mayo and Swiss. I would eat a little chips, a little pasta salad and just take a nap before I leave for the game. Right when I wake up, before I leave the hotel, I eat a plate of fruit with a pitcher of iced tea. The night before, I would get a turkey breast with a baked potato and a vegetable. Something light, but with a little carbo in it. Occasionally, I might eat some pasta; I might eat some spaghetti. Most of the time I usually eat a baked potato and some vegetables to go with a piece of baked chicken or some fish.

Who was the first player in the league that caused you to actually watch and say "Man he's good". And what made him so good in your opinion?
Cheltenham, Pa.

Hill: You know, it would have to be my boy, Allen Iverson. Even though I'm out there watching him play, usually when I'm on the bench getting some rest, I'm watching the way he plays. Not too many guys and not too many guards can do what he does in this league, especially with the way he gets to the basket.

What do you feel is the one thing you and the rest of the Sixers will have to do in order to win this series vs. the Pacers?
Chalfont, Pa.

Hill: The best thing for us is to do what we've been doing all series, just play good defense and try to contain Reggie Miller and Jalen Rose. Play Sixers basketball and we should be in pretty good shape. When we lose games, we get careless and sometimes we play to the level of our competition and we take teams, not lightly, but when you have teams down, you've got to keep them down. We've just got to keep that attitude for 48 minutes and we'll be in pretty good shape.

The team has played great all season. Being born and raised in Philly, I know that our Philly teams have often lacked intensity in the playoffs. How do you feel about the intensity of the players, and is it enough to break the eighteen year championship drought?
Durham, N.C.

Hill: The way we play with our style and the energy level we bring into the playoffs, I think we have a good shot at breaking that drought.

Do you think Reggie Miller is a big obstacle to get by to get to the NBA Championship?
Blackwood, N.J.

Hill: No, we are our own biggest obstacle. If we do what is needed and listen to Coach Brown everything will fall into place.

Hey, I was just wondering, why did you choose the number you have?
McFarland, Wisc.

Hill: I had always been number 42 playing ball and during college. When I got traded to the Sixers, Theo Ratliff already had that number, so I took 40.

I think you're one of the most unappreciated players in the NBA. I've seen you get hacked in the hands a lot this season. Is the tape on your fingers due to injury or for protection?

Hill: Thanks for the compliment. My fingers are taped for both reasons. It really does make a difference.

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