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Our exclusive NBA.commentator representing the Philadelphia 76ers
Hill Answers E-mail
Sixers guard Tyrone Hill, one of our NBA.commentators for NBA Playoffs 2001, answered questions from fans before Game 2 against the Pacers. The Sixers are down in the series 0-1 in the Eastern Conference first round.

How will the loss of Toni Kukoc and Theo Ratliff affect the team as they go into the playoffs? What part of their game will be missed the most?

Hill: I think we miss Toni's outside perimeter shooting, although Aaron McKie and Jumaine Jones are stepping up. I think we miss some of Theo's quickness too. Every team goes through adjustments when someone gets hurt or when a team makes a trade. So you just have to adjust.

How long do you think Allen will last in the playoffs without getting seriously injured? And do you guys feel that if somehow you lose Allen to an injury you can still win in the playoffs?

Hill: If anybody gets hurt, I am pretty sure that everyone's confident enough to step up. We have been doing it all year handling adversity and injuries. I am confident and AI (Allen Iverson) is confident that he is going to make it all the way to the Finals. If (an injury) does happen, everyone else will have to step up and do what they have to do until Allen gets back or to win a championship.

How do you feel about not having any of the limelight on yourself and letting Allen be the star? Do you think that it helps you be a better player ? Or would you like more recognition?

Hill: That doesn't even bother me. I got enough attention in my younger years, when I made the All-Star team and stuff like that. I am at a point in my career now that I just want to win a championship. Allen deserves it and some young guys deserve it. It's their time. My time is to get a ring, go off into the sunset, and get into my little rocking chair and watch those guys win many more championships.

How does playoff-style basketball differ from regular season basketball?

Hill: In the regular season, there was a little bit more finesse and you get away with a lot of calls. Now it is harder to get a call because the refs are a little bit tighter, so you know, there are always adjustments. One game could be the whole season in the playoffs, during the regular season you have 82 games.

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