The Detroit Pistons and Flagstar Bank are teaming up to give you added incentive for select Pistons 2020-2021 season memberships purchased now through the end of October. Purchase a full or half season membership or 10 game plan above $500 and you will receive 5% annual percentage yield1 on your total purchase price with a 30 to 130 day CD.

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Q: Who can I reach out to for more info?
A: Contact your ticket executive directly, dial 313-PISTONS to speak to a representative, or complete form above for a ticket executive to reach out to you.

Q: Is this promotion available for businesses or corporations?
A: No. This offer is for individuals only.

Q: What type of CD will I be opening?
A: 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY1) 30-130-day CD is accurate as of 9/1/2020. All CDs will mature on December 31.

Q: Do I need a Flagstar Bank Checking Account to participate?
A: Yes. Flagstar will assist with opening a new account, if necessary.

Q: Can I deposit extra money into the CD?
A: No. Only season ticket funds are eligible for deposit.

Q: How do I receive the interest?
A: Interest begins accruing the day the money is deposited into the CD and is paid monthly via auto transfer to the checking account. Interest is not compounding.

Q: Do I need to pay in full or are there payment options?
A: You must pay in full for the season ticket plan selected.

Q: What happens to my money after December 31?
A: If it is announced fans will be able to attend games, the season ticket funds will be transferred back to the Pistons within 10 business days of December 31. Otherwise, the full balance will be distributed to your checking account within 10 business days.

Season ticket funds will be deposited into a 5% APY 30-130 day CD1. Checking account is required.

1 Annual Percentage Yield (APY). 5.00% APY 30-130-day CD is accurate as of 9/1/2020. Fees could reduce earnings. Withdrawals may result in imposition of applicable early withdrawal penalties. $500 minimum opening deposit required. Opening deposit to be funded by Detroit Pistons Basketball Company via external deposit; no additional deposits allowed. This CD is nonrenewable, interest will not be earned after the maturity date. Personal accounts only. Not available for businesses or public units. Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer. If member does not have a Flagstar Bank checking account, account must be opened at the same time as the CD for monthly transfers of interest and funds at maturity. Limited-time offer.


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