Chrome Series Games

December 30 vs San Antonio
January 6 vs Houston
January 27 vs Oklahoma City
February 9 vs LA Clippers
March 26 vs LA Lakers

Rivalry Series Games

December 26 vs Indiana
January 30 vs Cleveland
February 23 vs Boston
March 9 vs Chicago
April 9 vs Toronto

We’re back! Don’t miss a minute of the excitement at Little Caesars Arena with a Detroit Pistons five game plan. Choose from the Motor City Rivalry Series and see the Cavs, Celtics, Raptors, Bulls and Pacers or choose the Western Conference Chrome Series and see the Spurs, Rockets, Thunder, Clippers and Lakers. Plus, receive a Pistons Motor City or Chrome jersey! Click here to request more information. This is a limited time offer only available until Dec 22, 2017.

Upon purchase of a Detroit Pistons 5 Game Plan, a Pistons representative will send you a confirmation email where you will be able to choose your jersey.

More Information

100-Level Price
Sideline (Row 5-9) $1,053
Sideline (Row 10+) $888
Semi-corner (Row 5-9) $808
Semi-corner (Row 10+) $643
Corner (Row 5-9) $685
Corner (Row 10+) $520
End corner (Row 5-9) $558
End corner (Row 10+) $478
Riser (Row 2-9) $601
End (Row 1-9) $520
End (Row 10+) $393
Sideline (Row 2+) $558
Corner (Row 2+) $393
End (Row 2+) $355
Sideline (Row 2+) $313
Corner (Row 2+) $271

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