Postgame Quotes - October 8, 2018


DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On the early minutes) “We got off to a slow start for whatever reason, we missed a lot of easy shots that we’ll live with and I thought it set the tone the way we played the rest of the way. But I really liked the way our guys competed, we played against their starters with Blake and Reggie being restricted and I like the fight. We got down big and we kept fighting and fighting, that’s been our Achilles heel here, when adversity hits we crumble and tonight we didn’t do that and that’s what we’re building. As much as you want to win in these exhibition games, that’s what I want to see.”

(On fighting and forcing overtime) “Yeah, but we fought before that Rod, we got down 20-6, we were 0-8 in the paint at the rim, I mean stuff that was unusual. Blake misses a point blank layup and those are shots were definitely going to live with. There were a lot of positives, a lot more positive than it was negatives. Our 3-point shooting came around at the end, we needed that early to get our Mojo going but it was a lot of positives.”

(On small lineups) “We knew they were going to play with a small lineup, with a two as a four, so we matched them a little bit. We tried Henry at the 4 against their small lineup and you have to be able to guard those guys out there. With Blake on a minutes restriction, it kind’ve kept us from him going at the 5 for a long period of time, but again, were going to see those type of lineups in the Eastern Conference.”

(On Bruce Brown being NBA ready) “No, that’s okay we expected a little hesitation on offense, I loved the way he competed defensively. D’Angelo Russell is a premiere point guard, he is a big time scorer and he gave him all he wanted there. He made some tough shots especially down the stretch but I thought Bruce did a good job defensively. The offense will come, again I’m not panicking with the offense. It would’ve been easy to panic that first half but it takes time for it to come. It started to come around but we need to recognize when we get it inside and the defense collapses we kick it out it’s a better three. I liked our shot selection much better tonight than against San Antonio.”

DETROIT PISTONS GUARD LANGSTON GALLOWAY: (On if he wanted to seize the moment with Stanley Johnson being out): “Just wanted to help my team any way I could. I just tried to go out there defensively, first and foremost, just locking in with whoever I had to guard and just tried to help out any way I could, and that’s it.”

(On if the coach’s willingness to play small lineups is a positive for him): “I think, like he said to us in the classes, ‘it doesn’t matter who started the game,’ he doesn’t care who’s in the game as long as we can finish the game. As long as we can contribute on the floor defensively and offensively, it gives everyone confidence.”

BROOKLYN NETS HEAD COACH KENNY ATKINSON:  (On if he saw some of the things that he’d been working on come to the floor tonight): “Yes. There were some good things, again more space to drive, and 36 3’s were good. I don’t know how many free throws that we had—17, that’s not great. We’ve got to get to the free throw line more. But, the change is going to take some time until it really clicks, I don’t like the 18 turnovers—that was an issue last year. So, that’s got to improve. The first game against the (New York) Knicks we had 13, but they really put the defensive pressure on. Give them credit, they get into you and make it tough. The plan wasn’t to leave those guys in there the whole time, but for our well-being (I thought) we should try to get this win. So, good job our guys finishing the game.”

(On whether tonight was a better example of rebounding against Drummond): “Seven offensive rebounds. They missed a lot of shots, too, so there were a lot of rebounds, right? You’ve got to be careful with statistics. But, I definitely think that we can do a better job with rebounding. I just think it’s a major point of emphasis, it wasn’t training camp. So, we have to do a better job, I thought today that we gave up too many.

BROOKLYN NETS CENTER JARRETT ALLEN: (On how the team did keeping C Andre Drummond from a monster game): “It was another big point of emphasis. I had (C Enes) Kanter and then Drummond back to back. He was just as good of a rebounder as Kanter and I just had to bring a bigger mentality than I did the last time.”

 (On adjusting to offensive tweaks): “I think we’re adjusting well, but we have a long way to go to be completely comfortable. But, for what we’ve achieved in the small time that we’ve had, I think that we’re doing good.”