Postgame Quotes - October 7, 2014

(On the game): “I thought we had some good moments; I thought we started the game out with really good energy. I don’t think we sustained that defensively down the stretch… Very disappointed in our defense and rebounding but I do think we had good moments of ball movement. I thought everyone that played did some positive things. I told them afterwards I thought it was the perfect exhibition game, you get a win and leave feeling good but there were a lot of things that happened that you can learn from; so to me that’s a good night when you get a game like that.”

(On team’s defense): “I felt we had some good efforts in the second quarter getting back on (Derrick) Rose and containing his penetration; that’s the main focus on him in transition. There’s definitely some areas of concern, but I’m not unhappy. I thought we did some good things and we put a lot of time on the court so I’m sure fatigue was a part of it but our defense has to get a lot better.”

(On possibility of coming off the bench and how he would handle it) “I don’t have to handle it; just go out and play. There’s nothing determined and whether I start or come off the bench is not going change the way I play. You guys (the media) are worried about it, all I’m focused on is being on the court. You have questions about that you’re going have to ask Stan, he makes the decisions. Other than that I’m just going play.”

(First impressions of playing in Coach Van Gundy’s system): “I felt good. You know, obviously it’s the first game. Anytime it’s new it’s going take time. I think for the first game we did okay, I think we have some things to work on. I’ll take it for our first game.”

(On how Coach Van Gundy spaces the floor with three point shooters) “It’s great, I mean the way he’s spacing the floor and the offense we’re running you get wide open shots and you just have to knock it down.”

(On competitiveness for minutes): “Everyday we’re just going to compete. We’re all looking for spots and minutes; we’re just going to compete. Whatever happens, happens. We just have to continue to work together as a team.”

Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau (On overall performance of team) “I was concerned about our rebounding based on what happened last night. I thought that was a big thing for us. I thought Taj (Gibson) was terrific from the start; that was established in the paint, so that part was good. Same thing, we have to play tougher, we’ve got to understand the fourth quarters different, we’ve got to get in the gym and we have to practice.

(On Pau Gasol performance) “He worked himself into the game. He kept grinding and kept the play-making going.”

(On team’s play tonight): I think that tonight we’re still trying to find a base. Of course the minutes thing is something we have to deal with, where guys are playing a certain amount of minutes in the preseason; guys just gelling, just have to gel quick. We haven’t won a game yet. The Pistons are a good team, a big, big team and you can tell they’ve got a bright future.