Postgame Quotes - October 6, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On game): “Yeah, especially in the second half I thought our pressure was better, we played a good half in each game just trying to get some consistency in how hard we’re going to play and the energy we’re going to bring. I thought Jon (Leuer) and Eric (Moreland) both did a really good job, Jon on the defensive boards, Eric on both boards, but particularly the offensive board. Eric can bring that to us, the rebounding and all that. He brings good energy, he’s tough as heck, he didn’t run the floor as well in either direction, but other than that I thought he played really well. He can really help us defensively and on the boards and he can really pass. I thought he passed up some shots. I think Eric can help us; he’s a tough guy and the whole thing. He had some concentration lapses and we let him know on those and that’s got to get better, but you got to love the energy and effort he brings to the game.”

DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD STANLEY JOHNSON : (On looking more composed and fluid than last year): “Yes, it’s definitely early. I think taking stuff more seriously. Obviously the ball is going in a little bit more than it was last year, not enough yet I think I missed a couple today, I stepped up and missed it. I shot two airballs I thought I should have made. Really just with Bob (Beyer) and Coach (Stan Van Gundy) just going over film, this year is all about, ‘What is your greatness?’ so, I try to shoot shots that are all to my greatness. Mid-range, pullups, to the basket, open threes and stuff like that. I’m excited to keep showing more and more, be an offensive player to help this team win.”

(On keeping his emotions under control): “Yes, I think it’s easier now. We have really unselfish players, really mature players now. So it’s easy to play well with people that are already moving the ball, the ball has energy and we all have energy like that we had tonight. It’s easy to play good, it’s easy to play hard, it’s easy to move the ball and get the ball moving. I think for me it’s all about catching the ball and looking at the rim first without putting the ball on the ground. If I can do that every time I touch it in half court I think I’ll be pretty good. When I’m rushing and running through the ball and I’m trying to make double and triple moves, I’m not as good yet. It’s something I need to work and continue on my career. Now, I want to use what I have and what’s great.”

ATLANTA HAWKS HEAD COACH MIKE BUDENHOLZER: (On his team’s performance tonight): “I thought Detroit did a lot of things well. I think for the first half we can hang with them, but their execution on both ends of the court just was better than us tonight so we’ll look at the film. There are some things to look at and improve on, but I’m pleased with the guys – the guys are working hard, doing the things that we want them to do.”

(On any takeaways from tonight’s game in preparation for the next game): “We want to get better between now and that game. So we’ll take a day off and have a little bit of an individual practice day and then get ready for Monday night.”

ATLANTA HAWKS FORWARD LUKE BABBITT: (On his thoughts about tonight’s game overall): “Well, I thought we played pretty hard but didn’t execute what we needed to. But I think we have a lot to learn and we’ll watch the film and get better.”

(On preparing for the Grizzlies on Monday): “Well we’re worried about ourselves right now. It’s not so much about the other team – what Memphis is doing or what Detroit is doing – we’re worried about how we execute, how we defend, how we play hard, and how we run the floor. We’ll look at the film and see how we can get better.”

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