Postgame Quotes - October 4, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY:  (On turnovers and game): “Well yeah and no ball movement in the second half. I think it was in a lot of ways a really, really good first game for us. I said to (associate head coach Bob (Beyer) and (assistant coach) Tim (Hardaway) sitting on the bench in the third quarter as things were going real badly, I said ‘this is almost perfect’ as a coach because players gain the confidence in that if we play a certain way moving the ball, playing hard defensively and everything else we can be very good and when we didn’t match their effort, I thought their effort was higher than ours in the second half, and when it got tight we quit moving the ball and it became a one on one game. With some of the mistakes we made at the end and some of the lack of effort and things like that you know it was good because you don’t come out of the game with a lack of confidence, you don’t hang your head and go, ‘Oh my God, we suck’. No, we saw we could be really, really good, but we don’t get over confident that you know we got this thing figured out a week into camp. We don’t and you know the second half was not good, particularly that third quarter, so a lot to go to work on from a coaching standpoint it couldn’t have been a much better game.”


(Talking about being in Little Caesars Arena): “Yeah , it was good. It’ll be a lot better in two weeks, but it was good. It was good to get in the building and play. Our guys were excited about it, it’s a great place. We’re excited to be downtown, we’re excited to be in this building.”


(On Andre Drummond offensively): “I thought he played really, really well, really, really hard, got on the boards did some great things. He made free throws which he’s been doing in camp so there were a lot of real positives with him. I thought he was really good. I mean obviously if it were a regular season game his minutes would’ve been higher. We certainly would’ve been playing him down the stretch and they would’ve been playing their guys, too, and I understand that. He played really well I was happy with that.”


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD STANLEY JOHNSON:  (On if he was pleased with the first half play): “Yes, I thought our defensive intensity was crazy. We were on them. I think we were moving the ball really, really well. I think we were playing cohesive together, kind of like I was saying at Media Day. I think we’re just a different group of guys and we’re not even close to done yet with what we want to do by the time the season comes. That’s just five, six days of work, seven days of work. We can patch some things up and I always say playing against new faces and new schemes and stuff like that, as much as you practice them you can’t really be good like another team can be good at what they do. I know for a lot of us, I was talking about myself first, it was just crazy to see something like, I’ve been with them for seven days now and I’ve never seen anybody run back to Andre (Drummond) like that on a hand off. I’m coming off open and I’m like I’m like wide open, this must be a mistake or something, but it’s not. As we keep going we’ll keep getting polished and it’ll be a lot better for us.”


(On if starting created a different flow for him to get used to): “For sure, for sure. I think playing with better players for me has always been really good. I think me getting to set the tone with the matchup that I am guarding is really better for me as a player. I like playing with the guys that start, so hopefully that works out for me. 


CHARLOTTE HORNETS HEAD COACH STEVE CLIFFORD:  (On the game):  “Well the second half was, of the four halves we’ve played so far, our best half.  I thought we had much more defensive intensity, which led to good offense and then the starters set a tone and then when we came with the bench, our play actually to me, went up.  And that’s the kind of team that we’re going to have to be – consistent play for 48 minutes.  So it was good, it was a good step forward.”


(On the effort the guys gave in the second half): “Yeah, it was great. You know it started again, it was much more physicality, much more attention to detail on defense that lead to better offense.  It was actually better to me without watching the film.  The first half was really bad offense, and turnovers like in Boston, that led to – it makes your defense hard, they’re getting run outs they’re 4-on-2 and 4-on-3.  So in the second half, we were better taking care of the ball and it started with our defense.”


CHARLOTTE HORNETS FORWARD FRANK KAMINSKY: (On what happened to the team to take the game back): “We gave up 65 points in the first half, and that’s just not our identity.  We’re going to be a defensive team, so we just wanted to go out there and play defense and let it lead to offense.  I felt like in the first half we were just playing all offense, taking a stand on defense and that had to change.”


(On what was done so well in the fourth quarter to bring it home): “We communicated.  We were talking through our stuff a lot better, whether it was switching being the low man, rotations, everything.  We just communicated well and it forced them to be uncomfortable on offense.  They were turning the ball over and that led to easy baskets for us.”


(On getting Tobias Harris uncomfortable on the last drive that caused the technical): “Yeah it’s just a different mentality this year.  I’ve got to be a guy that’s going to go in on the second unit and be a defensive guy so whatever, I’ve got to do.”


CHARLOTTE HORNETS GUARD MALIK MONK:  (On what lessons he’s applying to his effort): “Learning.  I’m learning spots, learning defensive rotations, and all the vets [are] teaching me where to be and how to do it so, I’m just listening to them.”


(On the key thing that happened when the team went on a 15-2 run): “Our defensive energy picked up, our intensity picked up – way more physical.”