Postgame Quotes - October 28, 2015

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On Reggie’s second half): “At the start of the second half, I thought tremendously on the attack. Us getting Reggie to consistently attack and quit just dribble and probing is the challenge. He is great when he is attacking. We were actually in the fourth quarter getting on him to attack more and he really didn’t until the play that put us ahead. We got down one, ran a play, took a ball all the way to the rim and laid it in. He is great on attack and we need to have him doing that consistently. But he had some big buckets, that one and a big three, big buckets.”
(On the team): “I like the character our guys have shown. I like the fight. I like the attitude that we’ve had in games even when things haven’t gone well. That’s all been really good. We just have to get much better offensively.”
(On Andre Drummond): “Andre is going to score if he plays with energy; he’s going to.  He is always around the basket. I thought in the second half he played with really good energy. First half, I didn’t really think he played with great energy, but I thought the second half he played with a lot more energy and was productive.”
DETROIT PISTONS CENTER ANDRE DRUMMOND: (On closing out the game in the fourth quarter): “It comes with time. Stan puts a lot of faith in us. Whatever it comes down to, if I come down with a big rebound, block or steal, Reggie would attack to the basket for a layup. So at the end of the day it comes down to us to close the game up.”
(On Derick Favors’ matchup with Ersan Ilyasova): “It was a tough matchup for Ersan; he’s not really know for guarding post-presence guys. We did the best we could to make him uncomfortable but obviously it’s the NBA, guys will have good nights but we came out with the win.”
DETROIT PISTONS GUARD REGGIE JACKSON: (On the last play of the game): “Find a way to clear a side for Andre and set up a pick and roll. Coach just said to attack and find a way to win.”
(On needing to attack and be more aggressive): “I’m just trying to read the defense and not run into traffic. I know I constantly need to attack, I’m always reminded that I need to. But other times I don’t want to put myself in bad positions and get turnovers and allow the other team to get easy baskets. I have to figure out where that balance is, but for the most part for this team to get shots I know I have to constantly be in attack mode…find a way to get into the paint and get baskets for myself and for my teammates.”
UTAH JAZZ HEAD COACH QUIN SNYDER:  (On what he talked to the club about): “Well I think we played a team that’s really playing well. They played with a lot of confidence; their home opener.  I thought we played enough to win and you know there’s going to be a lot of games that come down to a few plays.  We had our shots, we had some good looks on offense and Reggie Jackson made a heck of a play… We were close to having them squared up.  We got a couple big stops to get right there and couldn’t get one at the end.”
(On Favors in the paint tonight): “Yeah he’s been close; it’s just his timing and I think he was effective but a little bit of a lay off.  He started to find his rhythm; guys did a good job of finding it.  He was poised and that’s one of the things I think he’s really improved on, it’s just his poise in the post.”
(On his decision to go with Neto and Hood tonight): “Well he was solid, that’s what he’s been doing and you know, like you said, I thought he made a couple shots.  He made two threes and defensively he’s just solid and gets us into some stuff.  We don’t have a ton of depth at that position and I’m glad he’s okay.”
(On if he got what he wanted with the last two shots other than to make them): “They were wide open and I don’t know if Rodney’s was contested, obviously, it was a tough one and I thought it had a great look.  I thought we got good the whole way down the stretch.  We got shots and missed a couple at the end, it was just that kind of game.  We had a 1-2 position game and it’s going to be a lot of them like that, I thought we had enough plays to win if we could have just made one or two more.”
(On Caldwell-Pope and Jackson): “They’re really good players and Jackson obviously made a couple really tough shots, as did Pope.  We had a couple guys that did the same thing.”
UTAH JAZZ CENTER RUDY GOBERT: (On Reggie Jackson’s layup): “That’s just a miscommunication.  I thought Rodney (Hood) was back in front and I was coming back on Andre (Drummond) to rebound, and he (Jackson) stepped through.  I should have been there.”
(On tonight’s game vs. Pistons): “It’s frustrating, especially when you know you had the game with 20 seconds left and we’re up one.  It’s frustrating but I think we made a lot of mistakes in that game.  I think we played very physical but we made a lot of mistakes.  We have to go watch the film and see why we didn’t get it (the win).”

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