Postgame Quotes - October 25, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On 24-0 fastbreak differential): “I don’t know. I’ve coached probably 900 games in this league, it is rare to have that disparity. We are not usually a team with fast break points so we are running more and we want to run more. I think hopefully we become a decent defensive team and with Andre (Drummond) we’re a great rebounding team. We have to take advantage of that and get out and run and I thought our guys ran harder tonight and our point guards got the ball ahead to them so it was good.”


(On ball movement): “Tremendous. I mean 32 assists, everybody sort of got involved in moving the ball it was really, really good, really good, really sharp. Tonight is sort of what we wanted it to look like. It always looks better when the ball is going in the basket. If we‘re missing all those threes you guys are going to say we are taking too many threes and the whole thing and nobody is going to talk about the ball movement. You talk about the ball movement because the ball goes in and it looks great when you move it. It doesn’t go in then you don’t talk about ball movement but we need to play that way and for some of our guys this is really different. We are trying to play with a lot of movement. I mean in the past it’s been give the ball to our point guard, run a pick and roll, everybody else stand in the corner. They make all the plays. Number one it’s a lot of pressure on one guy, number two I don’t think enough pressure on the defense and other guys, so we’re trying to play with more movement and I think guys enjoy it for the most part but it’s harder because you’re not standing around. You don’t get a rest at either end. That’s why our bench is really important and I think they played well that’s where we really built the lead.


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD STANLEY JOHNSON: (On what he did personally to help the team get to 3-2): “I played my role. I brought energy to the game. I got a quick early steal, two early layups. It’s all about running the floor. Defense first, then you’ll play well on offense.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD AVERY BRADLEY: (On the win): “Yeah, it’s a good win for us. We played great team basketball on both ends of the floor. It was a complete game for us. I’m happy with the way we played and we just need to keep it going.”


(On how important transition is): “I think it’s really important for us. To be able to get stops and get out is big for our team. Credit to Reggie Jackson he made a lot of good plays for our team tonight and got guys easy shots.”


MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES HEAD COACH TOM THIBODEAU:  (On the second unit not being able to keep them in the game): “Well right now, in the Indiana game it was our starters which played well, and tonight it was the opposite.  So we’ve got to get it straight, we have to fix it.”


(On what’s happened since Sunday): “That’s this league.  Things can change very quickly in this league, from going good, to going very poorly. It could also change it back very quickly.  So you have to come with an edge every night.  If you don’t, you’re going to get knocked on your (butt).”


MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES FORWARD TAJ GIBSON: (On how to begin to sort things out):  “Just look at ourselves individually and see what we can do better, go from there and watch the film. But yet, just look at your growth, figure out what you can do better to help the team and just try to change it.”


(On if the attitude changed since Sunday): “No, we just have to understand in this league that everybody is in NBA for a reason.  Every team is talented and every team can come out and beat you with whatever they have out there.  So we just have to be humble and continue to put work in.  We’ve got to get used to winning.  We’ve got a young team, and we’ve got to do a lot better, we’ve got to work a lot harder and we have to win a lot more.  I think after the OKC game we kind of relaxed a little bit, but we just have to do better.”