Postgame Quotes - October 23, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY: (On start of the game): “It’s a little bit mind boggling, two games in a row where we just really weren’t ready.  I didn’t think we played as hard as we were capable of at the start of the game, so we have to figure that out whether it’s those five guys, changing their mindset or whether we have to change the line up to get some guys in there who can be ready to go at the beginning of the game. That was disappointing tonight at the start of the game, the whole thing was disappointing but the start was disappointing in terms of the effort.” 

(On Joel Embiid): “(Joel) Embiid obviously shot the ball really well, he did turn it over seven times so I thought there were times where we bothered him, but he shot the ball well. Our rotations, we were really, really slow coming to him on rolls and (Ben) Simmons I’m going take the blame on that one, I am because I just didn’t find an answer with him at all, I did not. I’m not trying to protect anybody.  There are things that guys could’ve done better but game plan wise I did a really, really poor job in terms of Simmons. It’s frustrating and I didn’t do a very good job offensively either. I couldn’t find anything to get us going, just not a good night from my standpoint either, players and me I’m not taking the blame off of them I’m just taking my share of it.” 

DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD TOBIAS HARRIS: (On first half): “First half, soon as we started the game we didn’t bring enough energy that we needed to. I think a lot of it had to deal with the ball not going in the basket for us in the first quarter and things of that nature. It’s something as a team that we have to build on and be able to be a defense first team. Let our defense be a catalyst to our offense. Second game in a row we haven’t got off to a great start, something that we have to really have a focus on when we play next.”  

(On if their late comeback had to do with the ball going into the basket or if there was more to it): “A little bit more to it, I mean obviously the ball going in the basket helps a lot of people’s momentum and confidence. On the defensive end we were able to pick up our energy. But, that was pretty much why we were able to get on a run. We were able to lock in defensively, saw some baskets go in and just embrace that and keep that rolling.” 

PHILADELPHIA 76ERS HEAD COACH BRETT BROWN:  (On how the first half set the tone for this game): “I mean we came out and we tried to do everything we thought about, and we tried to get it done through a defensive lens.  I thought we played good defense, we’re trying to grow a base of that.  I think that set the tone for the second half.” 

(On how Ben Simmons handled himself and the rest of the team in crunch time): “I thought we did some good things in crunch time. We had still a few turnovers that we’d like to have back, but I thought especially Ben and Joel teamed up together.  We put them in pick-and –rolls, those two, whether it was in the middle of the floor or on the side. You know, and Ben with his height could drop stuff over to Joel rolling and I thought that in crunch time we did a good job of executing some of the stuff that we’re trying to do.” 

PHILADELPHIA 76ERS CENTER JOEL EMBIID: (On his matchup with Andre Drummond): “I mean, it was good.  I mean obviously, I had an okay game.  I thought I got what I wanted and then we got a win.” 

(On Ben Simmons’ leadership down the stretch):  “It was good.  He followed the game plan and whatever coach was calling.  I thought we had a great two-man game, especially, they couldn’t guard that.  I think going forward it’ll be good for us if we keep doing the same thing.” 

PHILADELPHIA 76ERS FORWARD BEN SIMMONS: (On the performance of the team tonight overall): “We played well.  I think we played well as a team.  We were consistent in most of the game.  It was one part where we kind of lost it at the start of the fourth, end of the third. But, we made adjustments and got it back, and we stuck with it.” 

(On how special it is to get in the win tonight and his stat line): “I’m just glad we won, honestly.  That means so much more than stats for me. So, it’s awesome to have a triple-double, but at the same time, it’s even better to have a win, especially with these guys and a young team like this.”