Postgame Quotes - October 22, 2013

(On Chauncey Billups down the stretch): “That’s not unusual to see Chauncey (Billups) do those kinds of things. He kind of runs the game, takes over the game late in the game and allows me not to have to necessarily call a timeout because I have him out on the floor. He can tell guys where to go and he can run certain plays for us. As long as we get the ball in his hands, we feel pretty confident in him running the play or making the shot.”

(On Tony Mitchell tonight): “I think he played well. His attention to detail was good. I think you know he’s a rookie. He’s going to make some rookie mistakes. He made a few of them tonight, but veterans make mistakes too.”

(On first half): “The first few games we had a little trouble starting off, today we didn’t. We relaxed in the second half; you have to just keep that focus. I think everybody that played, played well. We definitely got better tonight.”

(On Billups’ influence): “You don’t get the nickname ‘Mr. Bigshot’ for nothing. The poise, the composure, he shows making those shots, that only comes from years of experience.”

(On his influence within the team): “I suspect my experience will come in handy all year for this team and that’s what I am here for. I’m here to teach these guys, not only that but I can still play too. That’s exactly what I am here for, though.

(On Washington catching up in the second half): “It’s the NBA so players are going to make runs and teams are going to make runs but I was kind of happy that, tie game with six minutes to go, that’s how you learn to execute; slow down, make the right plays, don’t break the plays and stuff like that; you learn it when games are on the line.

(On first half): “We did not show up. Our guys think they can turn it on and off like a light switch and we are kidding ourselves. We came out and did not play with each other and why we continue to fall back? I have to figure that out. That was an embarrassment.”

(On the second half): "In the second half they played for each other, got after it, and made it a game. It is pretty black and white, but we will not for whatever reason buy into that."

(On game): “We started to play and we picked up our defense. In the first quarter nobody was focus. In the fourth quarter, we woke up and started to play.”

(On team chemistry): “They are like my friends. When you do something wrong they should be able to tell you when you did something wrong. Al (Harrington) talked to me and after that I guess he woke me up and I started to play.”

(On coach’s halftime speech): “He told our team that if we wanted to go to the playoffs, we have to wake up and play.”