Postgame Quotes - October 12, 2018


 (On today’s game plan being a little more playing and a little less thinking): “Well again, the key is we stayed focused, we made shots. We had the right people taking the right shots. Talking about the other night, we had 30 wide open threes and 14 slightly contested threes, but finally we made the shots we were going to take.”

 (On players creating better looks being the reason shots started to fall): “No question. Any time you get to the paint, ride then kick out, those are better shots, rhythm shots. We had more of those. Ish (Smith) did a great job of getting into the paint, kicking out and finding the right person. And then even when he kicked it out, if that guy didn’t have a shot he made the extra pass. Just the ball movement, we had 31 assists and that’s what we’re looking for.

 (On easing in Reggie Jackson, Luke Kennard and Blake (Griffin) and being able to sleep better tonight after tonight’s performance): “Well again, Reggie’s still not 100 percent, Luke is coming and they got the minutes we wanted them to get. But still, I don’t think Reggie is 100 percent in his game shape.”

 (Following up on above question on Blake looking ready to be back): “Yeah, Blake is back. He’s feeling much better and I think his conditioning is back where it needs to be. But, the main guy right now is Reggie and making sure he’s back 100 percent because he’s a big part of what we want to do.”


 (On how important it was from a team perspective to have this type of performance offensively): “I think it’s important. It’s always nice to go into the regular season on the right foot and have a game where there is more good than bad. I don’t know if when we watch film it’s going to necessarily be that way, but at the end of the day it’s nice to see the ball go through and get a win.”

 (On putting up a lot of threes in Dwayne Casey’s offense and if it feels like where he wants to be with it): “Yeah, I think so. Obviously, attacking the rim leads to more threes, drives, draw and kicks. I think guys are doing a great job, a better job now of deciphering when to shoot, ball-fake, when to drive, when to kick so it’s just a rep thing to me. The more reps we get, the better we get.”


(On if the game was what they envisioned): “It went well! I don’t know if it was what we envisioned, but it went well.”

 (On creating shots for this offense): “I think we did a good job of getting shots up. Coach (Casey) wants our shots up so it was a good night.”

 (On being used as more of a spot up shooter and being able to rest on offense): “Yeah, it’s good to have somebody else make plays.”


 (On how the preseason went): “I don’t know, a lot of guys being in and out of rotation and having nagging injuries, it kind of hurts. We have guys playing in different positions and trying to learn multiple positions when they’re just getting here.”

 (On how he thinks they’ll be ready for the regular season): “We had a great camp and first game when Kevin (Love) was in the lineup and the second game as well. I thought we had a little momentum. We have to have these three to four days to catch up both offensively and defensively and go from there.”

 (On Tristan Thompson’s preseason): “Just being professional, sometimes we start him or bring him off the bench – give him different looks. But he’s been really good. I think bringing the physicality, he understands what we want to do offensively because he’s a very smart player, and defensively, he’s always really good.”


(On smiling at the end of the third quarter after Detroit hit the shot at the buzzer): “It was good defense, [Ish Smith] just made a tough shot on me, that’s all I can do. Next time, play the same D and make him make it again.”

(On what it meant having five assists tonight): “I feel like if I’m going out there passing the ball and getting assists for my teammates, then it’ll open up everything else for me to get shots and layups.

(On building chemistry with Tristan Thompson): “I feel like it’s big but it’s because I can throw it over the top. If not, I get down and lay it in. I missed a few layups in the game today, but those are going to fall for sure.”


 (On the goal of preseason): “I think to get everyone’s legs underneath them. I think for our team, it’s to develop our defensive identity, I think that’s a big key for us on the defensive end. I think offensively we are pretty familiar, we have a lot of returning guys. I think for us, we know what everyone is going to do offensively…For me personally, just feeling good and staying healthy. Obviously last year missing all those games, I don’t want to happen this year. For me it was to stay in tip-top shape and really treat recovery like a second job.”


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