Postgame Quotes - October 12, 2013

(On Andre Drummond: ) “At the beginning of the game we played a harder first half than we did against Miami. Andre Drummond, in the 3rd quarter, was running on the floor and getting those lobs. He had one or two post moves but it wasn’t something we ran for him. He always ends up with the ball, he rebounds the ball, runs the floor. Just the way he plays is amazing to watch. I think Rasheed Wallace has been doing a good job working with him. I think what he has incorporated into his game is that little jump push shot that he has gotten inside the lane. I think that’s been a plus for him and will pay dividends later on. If he could make foul shots he could be even harder to play. He’s going to be tough to play.”

(You feel as good as you look? ) Yeah it’s just the flow of the game. The guys on the court make me feel so comfortable. Playing alongside Greg, Josh, Will and Kyle. Those are guys we already have a good bond on the court already. We all know where we need to be on the court and we know each other’s spots and when we like to get the ball. When I do have those spurts of minutes where I just dominate the game it’s just because I’m in the zone at that point and time.

(On playing Lopez ,Pierce, Garnett in front of a pretty much full house, were you proud of the way you guys competed? ) Oh yeah, I think we came out. We punched them in the mouth first. We didn’t let them jump on us first. We did our best to get after them first try to run the floor on them, try to make them run after us, try to not get pretty, our second unit came in and finished the game out strong for us.

(How about game of three rookies? ) Tony with a double-double, Peyton close to a double-double with assists and points, Ken a triple-double including fouls. They all stepped up tonight and played pretty well. I’m really proud of them. Really excited for what they have coming up in the season. I know that they’re ready to play. They proved it. They’re ready to play.

(How did you feel 12 points 6 rebounds? ) I felt okay, still working out some kinks. Still trying to get a feel for my new teammates but we got a win so it’s a good day.

(On playing the new-look Nets and playing against Lopez ) The first two obviously are Hall of Famers, so it’s always gonna be a tough night playing guys who have so much experience who know how to play this game. Lopez is a young star in this league right now. They have a very solid and balanced team. It’s gonna be a tough game every night you have to play them.

On protecting the paint: “We talked about and we have been talking about, and we didn’t do it tonight. This is a work in progress and we will work at it, talk about it and work on it tomorrow.

On offensive rhythm: “Yes, we have been working on being unselfish. We saw that with the core of the group out there early in the game, they had multiple touches. We feel in this league if you can do that you will have some success. Now you’re not going to make every shot but they were making the right play and that’s something big with this group that they are all unselfish, they are trying to get the best possible shot. In the last two games they’ve had some success with that and again not just the defensive end but we will work on that on a daily basis offensively and if we can do that we will be alright. We are not going to hang our head on the offensive end, it’s going to be on the defensive end. Again, this is a work in progress. This is a night that we kind of need. We got to work on protecting that paint and we didn’t do that.”

On Mark Jaric’s future: “Well we have 15 guaranteed contracts, so that pretty much says everything. I thought he played hard. Again, he’s been out of the league for a little bit, but he’s competing. He’s doing everything that we have asked. “

On the defensive breakdown: “I think it’s all understanding that we need to work together as a team defensively. That’s pretty much what we saw at halftime but we talked about it, but we did get it solved. It’s a couple combinations with the hockey substitutions, in the middle of the game, we will work on it as a team because we do have a game Sunday night. “

(On Tyshawn Taylor: ) “He has a sore ankle. We will see how he feels tomorrow.”

(On Deron Williams’ status: ) “I didn’t know he was out. I don’t go on if, I can only go on right now. We are playing with the guys that are dressed and he is a day-by-day situation. If he is ready to go, then he will play, but we are just taking it one day at a time. We need to focus on Sunday.”

(On his comfort level with Shaun Livingston: ) “I am big fan of Shaun’s. He has been highly recruited and ranked as one of top high school players in the country. Has an unfortunate incident where he could have stopped the game of basketball but it just shows his love, dedication and work ethic to get back to the level he is at. Also, playing with that high IQ, he can start, he can come off the bench, so he makes the game extremely easy for his teammate. You can see that with him out there on the floor.”

On the team’s overall effort throughout the game: “Obviously still a work in progress, you know. We didn’t really do a good job protecting the paint, got to go back and look at that, we didn’t make our free throws, turned the ball over. You know, so we still got a lot of work to do. I thought we probably took a step back today but it’s good that we make the mistakes now, get them out of the way, learn from them, and try to get better.”

On his first game in Brooklyn after playing in Boston for 15 years: “I mean it was a new experience, I’m embracing it. They have great fans here in Brooklyn. I’m sure as the regular season approaches it’s going to get better and better, so it was just fun to get your feet wet today.”

On the team’s defense: “Yeah I mean I’m not really worried about our offense. We want to become a defensive team, we want to make that our identity, so when you give up the points in the paint like we did tonight, you give up the dunks, yeah we definitely took a step back. We work so hard on it each and every day for us to come up with that effort and defense and allow them to do what they want, definitely a step back today.”

On Deron Williams: “Oh yeah, definitely. I mean he’s going to be the engine that’s going to drive this team at both ends of the court before we could really see how we’re going to reach our full potential. So you know, it’s up to us with the guys that we have out there to continue to get better, to continue to understand what we’re trying to accomplish each and every night.”

On easy dunks and layups by Drummond: “We’re obviously a work in progress. I thought we did a lot of good things tonight, but first when Jason came in, that was in the game plan – to protect our paint. Detroit’s not known for perimeter shooting. They’re known for what they just did tonight and their strengths – getting the ball in the paint, ally oops, easy buckets. It’s a great game for us to learn from. We will get better. I think this a great team for us to watch tomorrow. I’m sure Jason is going to take us through it and we’re going to learn from it.”

On whether it was communication: “It’s a process. We played the Wizards and I thought we did a lot of great things in that game. Different nights, different styles. We’re going to test the defense. We’re going to test everything. For the most part, the biggest thing for us is to continue to play and continue to play together, trust the system. It’s the second game. Nothing’s going to be perfect. It’s a great game and I think we can learn from it.”

On point guard play: “I think Shaun’s doing a great job. He’s communicating to the team. He has a presence about himself. He’s demanding. That’s what you want your quarterback, your point guard, your coach on the floor, to be like. Obviously we don’t have D. Will, but Shaun’s doing an excellent job. He’s an example, he’s coming in, he’s really, really working hard and he’s holding it down until D. Will gets back.”