Postgame Quotes - November 8, 2015

HEAD COACH STAN VAN GUNDY  On the 4th quarter: “Look, I told these guys that I’m really old, I’ve coached a long time but I’ve never been a part of a fourth quarter like that.  I’ve seen turnarounds but not like that. We got it to six with just under six minutes and your thinking ‘okay we’ve got a  chance now.’ It was incredible, we went from not being able to stop them at all, to stopping them on all of their  possessions and scoring every time down the floor. It was unbelievable, our defense in the fourth quarter was absolutely  just incredible. After not defending all night our fourth quarter defense was outstanding.” On the Blazers’ turnover opportunities: “Well yeah, I thought getting our intensity picked up and they turned the ball over and then Reggie [Jackson] on high pickand­rolls obviously was just great.” On Andre Drummond’s offensive game: ��I thought he looked good down there. We probably could’ve gotten him the ball a bit more, maybe I should’ve called  some of that but we were having pretty good luck on Reggie’s pick­and­rolls so we stayed with that.” On the teams’ confidence: “I think now that you’ve got five wins now and you’ve beaten good people and the confidence continues to build. It’s the  NBA, we’re going to play tomorrow night against the defending champs so you have to be ready to go.”

STEVE BLAKE On the turnaround defensively: “It was huge. We started really playing physical. I think coach made a good adjustment as we started showing the four  man, which kind of took away that pick and pocket they had going on with Damian [Lillard] and Meyers [Leonard]. Then  we just started making shots, getting out on the break. I’m just proud of the way everyone played.” On watching Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond impose their well on the entire team for the fourth quarter: “Most of use on the bench were just like fans. We were getting excited seeing a play like that and [seeing them] dominate.  We know they can do that so we expect to see that again.”

ANDRE DRUMMOND On changing the game in the fourth quarter: “We fought. We grinded it out. We never gave up. We did a really good job of making [the Trail Blazers] comfortable the  first three quarters. They literally made everything…When we came to the bench the beginning of the fourth, I really got  on everybody about defending, that we could come back in the game still, and my words really got to everybody. All of a  sudden we got out there and defended and made them uncomfortable. They made a lot of bad shots. We made them turn  the ball over a little bit and turned it to the offensive side.” On the next game: “We have another tough challenge tomorrow. We’re going to come in and put a stop to them.”


“Well it was a shame we threw away three good quarters of basketball, but Detroit obviously outplayed us in the fourth quarter. Their defense picked up and we had a lot of turnovers that either they caused or were self-inflicted. Hand it to them, being down and they, them being Detroit, they kept playing and obviously we didn’t handle it very well. We’ve got to learn from it and move on.”


On Jackson’s game:

“He had a terrific game. We had difficulty guarding their pick and roll with him and Drummond in there and spacing lineup, they made some threes out of it and I thought he did a good job of knowing when to score and pass and create for others. Obviously when a guy scores 40, it’s pretty good.”

On Drummond:

“We didn’t have an answer for Drummond. He scored in the paint, offensive rebounds – I mean tonight was a possession game. When you have a turnover differential like that, and you give up offensive rebounds like that, they take 20 more shots. Drummond had a lot to do with that obviously.”


Do you move on to next game from this?

“I don’t think we flush it, we’ve got to learn from it. We can’t back down when teams turn up their pressure, we’ve got to be aggressive, we’ve got to do things a little bit better. We’ve got to learn from it, we’re not going to flush this one.”




How would you describe the fourth quarter?

“A part of the learning process. Obviously a very frustrating fourth quarter for us. I think they told us it was 41 to 11scoring wise, I mean that’s a 30 point swing. Like I said, we clearly have to learn from it. It’s definitely a frustrating loss. You talk about having an 18 point lead, playing well at home, playing in the flow and then all of a sudden things start to go the other way – that’s where, again, we have to learn. We have to understand and we have to stick with what has worked, what was working early in the game, and be able to sort of weather the storm when teams start to turn it up. That’s when you’ve got to hit better on screens, make crisper passes, be solid within your defensive coverages and continue to play the game the right way. Again, it’s definitely a frustrating loss. It’s one we should have gotten at home, but not it’s short term memory win and lose. You learn from it and tomorrow night we have to bounce back and be better in Denver.”


What changed?

“I think they just turned up their energy. A lot of times when the energy changes and a team gets feeling good, they can get on a roll, they start to make shots and we don’t necessarily have shots falling, that’s again when we have to rely on what we’ve learned, what we’ve put in place as far as our structure and be able to bounce back during those times. It’s a part of the learning for this young team and for myself. We’ll just move on. Like I said, this is one that stings a little, it’s early in the season but this is one we should have had.”