Postgame Quotes - November 5, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On tough games like tonight): “Very difficult, guys played their hearts out. We knew that this season we were going to have a lot of games like this. Again, it seems trite but we are right there. Take care of the little things, we had 20 turnovers. I'll take Glenn Robinson’s look right there at the end to put us up, any time of the day. You can call 15 time-outs in that situation, I just looked at it, he was wide open, he was 2-for-3 at the time. So would have, could have, should have, we got our situation now where we have to continue to fight, continue to stay together because that's what this league is going to be about the rest of this year.”


(On adding Robinson into the starting lineup): “Our issue has been shooting, not that Stanley's (Johnson) not. It's nothing Stanley (Johnson) did wrong, how many games did we lose in a row? Four in a row. So change it up, get spacing, whatever it is to get it, and I thought Glenn (Robinson) came in and gave it to us. He came in, gave us shooting, I thought Langston (Galloway) came in and gave us shooting, and we got to have guys that are making shots or at least a threat to make a shot and those two guys did it.” 


(On improving as a team): “We are trying to build this thing, trying to get better, I think everybody has us picked eighth or seventh in the conference. Again, it is on us to continue to improve, to put ourselves in the playoff hunt, which we are going to be, and get better. I see improvement, I know it's not showing in the record but I do see improvement. I see the little things that we are getting better at, but there are some other things we got to continue to harp on, especially the turnovers and the shot making when the ball does come out.”


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD GLENN ROBINSON III: (On how he felt as a starter tonight): “I just try to approach every day the same. I knew that we had great competition on this team, we've got a lot of wings, a lot of guys who can play really well. I'm just thankful for the opportunity.”


(On if this is what he expected to contribute to this team): “I knew when I came here in free agency, I could contribute to this team. I talked to Coach Casey and he was the first coach I had talked to in the summer during that free agency time. He expressed to me what my role would be, he expressed that there was going to be some competition in the wing spot but he saw some opportunity for me.”


MIAMI HEAT HEAD COACH ERIC SPOELSTRA: (On what gets it done for the HEAT team and if it’s more of what Spoelstra’s calling or what the team is doing): “It’s what these guys are doing. These guys have been through the last few days, and really came with a much better competitive spirit and for 53 minutes. And, it’s hard to win in this league. It’s even harder to win on the road. We had to finally get some stops there at the end, great tip out. It was unfortunate the way regulation ended up, with an opportunity – up four just to be able to finish it off with one or two stops. We weren’t able to do it, but things happen in this league and you have to show some resilience and some grit and our guys really showed that.”


(On not calling a timeout and letting Josh Richardson and Goran Dragic continue): “I’m glad I didn’t do what I was about to do. It’s very similar to Toronto last year. I was at half-court and my hands were like this (ready to call a timeout) and I was about to call a timeout, but Goran (Dragic) dribbled through and made one heck of a pass to J. Rich. In those moments when you have nothing else to do, but shoot, J. Rich just stepped up with a ton of confidence and knocked in a big one.”


MIAMI HEAT GUARD DWYANE WADE:(On the game being like an old-school HEAT game and being able to control the pace): “Yes.  I enjoyed it. I enjoyed them going into the post a lot, you know, the NBA has changed so much with everybody up and down. So, we definitely enjoyed a game like this where we’re very good defensively, we can help each other, and they still made some tough baskets. (Andre) Drummond on offensive rebounds is very tough, but I liked our defense tonight, I liked our communication tonight, and we’ll just try to continue to take steps.”


(On what he liked most about the team collectively getting after rebounds): “I just like when it’s not a perfect game, and we find a way. Obviously, with Hassan (Whiteside) out, we were down a little, man, when it comes to the size. (Andre) Drummond’s already a load, Blake (Griffin) is a load, you know, guys come in and figure it out. Give Bam (Adebayo) credit, coming in tonight starting and doing his job. Give (Derrick) Jones his credit for coming in off the bench and doing his job, you know, guys stepped up and that’s what we need.”


MIAMI HEAT GUARD JOSH RICHARDSON:(On his feelings about the impact that he had late and how important that was): “I was just being aggressive, thinking how we were low in the fourth, but I was just trying to give back and help us win and I was taking my shots.”


(On his willingness to take and embrace): “Yeah, like if the ball happens to find me late, if guys give me the ball, I’ll definitely take that on. But, I think we’ve got a lot of guys who are very confident.”


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