Postgame Quotes - November 30, 2018

DETROIT PISTONS HEAD COACH DWANE CASEY: (On the team's defense and intensity): “I thought we did a great job of taking away one thing they really been good at, which is shooting the three, we held them to 14 percent from the three-point line. I thought our guys did a really good job getting out, and understanding when to close back out, being pushed out and challenging the shots. We were pretty solid but that one lapse there was tough, but I really liked our effort and defense. I thought that the ball was moving, we didn't make some of the shots that we were set up for some open looks, but I thought that the ball was getting to the right spot, the right people and at the right time. I really liked our start. We really jumped out, started with the energy and set the tone offensively, defensively, with our physicality, so it was pretty good.”


(On stopping Zach LaVine tonight): “I thought Reggie Bullock did a good job at pursuing him. Zach (LaVine) is one of the dynamic scorers in our league. He has been averaging 27 (points) and we held him to eight tonight which is a heck of a job on our guys part. I thought Bruce Brown came in and did a good job with his energy, his persistence, and everybody that came in and guarded him did a good job.”


(On playing the Warriors tomorrow): “It is an opportunity. It's not going to make or break our year, but it is an opportunity to compete against one of the top teams in our league. I don't have any doubt that our guys will come in and compete and play hard.”


DETROIT PISTONS FORWARD BLAKE GRIFFIN: (On how to harness their energy in the first quarter): “I thought we really did a good job defensively, and made it easier on ourselves on the offensive end. Getting some stops and then getting out and getting easy buckets. It always helps to see the first one go through.”


(On if there is more urgency to take care of business with Golden State coming in on a back-to-back): “I mean, listen, the urgency to take care of somebody should be there whether we’re playing somebody or not, whomever it is we’re playing the next night. So, it is important, but we’ve got to have that every night, not just if we know we’re playing somebody else the next night.”


DETROIT PISTONS GUARD ISH SMITH: (On a sense of where the team is from a confidence standpoint): “Our confidence is good.  Even I think when we were struggling earlier in the year, our confidence was still pretty good which is different than in the previous years. We still feel like it’s another level for us. We still don’t feel like we’re playing great basketball, but we’re learning through our wins and so that’s a positive, that’s a good thing. But, there’s still another level for us. So, confidence is good, but we still— there’s levels to it as you know and we want to continue to progress throughout the year.”


(On Reggie Jackson): “Reggie was special tonight. I think it started with Blake (Griffin). He was unselfish, kicking out the way they were defending him, bringing the double (team). He just kicked it out and Reggie was on automatic tonight. He got us off to a good start and we just kind of fed off that, and played through that consistently throughout the night.”


CHICAGO BULLS HEAD COACH FRED HOIBERG: (On what he saw out of Zach LaVine tonight): “Well, I thought right from the beginning, we didn’t have the edge we needed defensively as a group and I looked up at six-and-a-half minutes and they had 22, 24 points. That’s where it started. You have the momentum and you have to come out with force against a team as physical and as big as they are. We talked about the glass, first offensive possession they had an offensive rebound and already had a putback on it. I’ll say this about Zach, third quarter, I thought he was really the guy that got us going. I think first half we settled way too much. We had good movement, good possessions. At halftime we had eight assists, third quarter, I think we had eleven (assists), counting that up there, and a lot of that had to do with Zach making simple plays. He had a tough night finishing at the basket, which he’s been great at that all year. So, Wendell (Carter Jr.) was obviously terrific, got him going and Zach was a big part of getting him going. So, it’s continuing to go out there and make simple plays. Again in the third quarter, I thought he did that, and I think that’s what got us back in the game.”


(On Wendell Carter Jr. and what tonight does for him): “It’s a big confidence booster for Wendell to play against an all-star in this league, in (Andre) Drummond, and to come out here and really control the third quarter and find a way to help us get back in that game, says a lot about a guy who’s had some troubles lately out of college. So, I was proud of him for coming out in that third quarter and really helping us climb back into that game. I thought, defensively, we were really good in the second and third quarters, but that first quarter is where we lost it with our defense.”


CHICAGO BULLS GUARD ZACH LAVINE:(On how he felt he played overall): “Missed some shots, bad game. Wendell (Carter Jr.) was hot. You’ve got to feed the hot man. So, he had a career-high night, 28 points. So, he did a good job, he played good defense. We didn’t play good enough to win this game.”


(On losing five-straight and how to stay with it): “You’ve got to play better. We’ve got to do a better job (in) whatever situation you’re in and I think we’ve got to do a better job. We played really well after the second quarter, we played a good second half, so I think we just have to play better.”


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