Postgame Quotes - November 30, 2013

Pistons vs Lakers

Detroit: Maurice Cheeks | Andre Drummond

Los Angeles: Mike D'Antoni | Nick Young | Jordan Farmer

Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On last couple possessions of the game): “If I’m not mistaken, the one play was a pin-down for (Rodney) Stuckey on the one play. Obviously someone jumped out. He had to make an adjustment on that one. On the out-of-bounds play, again was for Stuckey. He was going to get a screen and come out to the ball and the clock got down so he had to make a pass to Josh Smith and end up being a charge.”

(On 3-pointers tonight): “Kyle (Singler) hit that one 3. We still put the ball inside. I thought we were very good; Josh (Smith) in particular put the ball inside. I thought Josh, he only shot 4-for-16, but I thought his game was pretty good. We live by putting the ball inside. That’s how we play; trying to post the ball, trying to get the ball inside. But obviously at some point we have got to make shots. The way they play, they have four or five shooters around and they make shots. They live on the outside. We live on the inside. But at some point, we will make those shots.”

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On losing in the fourth): “It happens. We just got to figure out how to close games; it was a tough loss. We were up by a little bit over 10 points down the closing of the game and one thing led to another and they came back and took the lead and won the game, obviously.”

(On playing 16 minutes): “It’s not all about the stats, I do what I had to do to help contribute to my team to help us get the lead. It’s tough, I made a stupid play, got a foul, got my fourth and had to sit on the bench so it was my fault. I should have never took the foul, but it happens. It’s a domino effect, one thing leads to another and everybody starts to fall.”

Lakers Head Coach Mike D'Antoni

(On 15-3 run to end the game): "I think our defense stiffened up. That is one thing for sure. I thought the guys that finished the game did an unbelievable job of getting us back in there. Nick (Young) made a couple good plays. He did not shoot the ball well but he made one big one and Shawne Williams I thought played great for the whole game."

(On bench): "Steve (Blake) had an off night and you could see it in his face he was struggling. (Jordan) Farmar has been playing well and it seems like he was playing well tonight. Wes (Wesley Johnson) was playing great, Nick (Young) was playing great, Shawn Williams was playing great, so it was really an easy decision, but usually it works out and sometimes it does not."

(On adjustments made): "I think we rope-a-doped today. They got so tired of beating us up in there that they got tired. I think it was classic. We did not really adjust that much, we just hauled harder and got some breaks as always but then again they came up with the win and they found a way to be tougher."

Lakers Guard Nick Young

(On taking charge at end of game): “Man, that felt good, you know, to do that for your team. In that situation, I was forced, I had to…anything to win. I was waiting for him (Josh Smith) the whole time. I was hoping they didn't call the blocking foul.”

(On defensive play): “It felt good to win like that. Just working with the coaches, they take the time to work with me and that's been the key. Just having people that believe in me and making it comfortable for me.”

Lakers Guard Jordan Farmar

(On 15-3 run in fourth quarter): “We started being aggressive. We didn't having anything to lose, we needed this game. For us not to play well, to stick through it and find a way to win on the road was big for this group.”

(On Lakers' bench playing key minutes in fourth quarter): “It was fun, I was glad we got a chance to come through at the end. We made some big plays. Nick (Young) was really aggressive making big plays. We got some defensive stops down the stretch and everybody played a key role in this win. That's what team basketball is all about.”