Postgame Quotes - November 3, 2013

(On Brandon Jennings’ impact): “Obviously we knew Brandon Jennings could play. It was just good to see him out there and see the effect that he can have on a team because he brings a little bit of electricity to the game, the play-making abilities that he has and the ability to make shots. He changed the game, he changes our make-up and it will put Will (Bynum) back in his spot where he can come in at a certain time and make the plays that he can make. But I think (Rodney) Stuckey does the same thing; maybe not in the electric way that Brandon (Jennings) does but I think the way Stuckey can defend and the way he can score the ball it kind of changes things because he had a big effect on the game tonight as well.”

(On turnovers): “I am very concerned about the turnovers. It’s something that we’ve been discussing. You can’t recover with so many turnovers we make; we can’t recover. Our defense is usually pretty good…but our turnovers. When we have turnovers the way we have them, it’s tough. It’s tough to get back and defend the way we have them. It’s a topic of conversation. It’s something that we talk about and we just have to keep working on it.”

(On playing 31 minutes) “You never know till they tell you, you just have to be ready. In the beginning I was a little shocked, but the second half once I got rid of the mask, I’m ready to play now.”

(On wearing a face mask): “Just uncomfortable, I’m not used to playing with something on my face or anything like that so it was just my decision to take it off.”

(On Defense) “Defensively we’re running around, getting stuck and stuff, we had a little let down there in the second half but we just continued fighting and got the victory.”

(On the Celtics tying it up in the fourth quarter) “We were turning over the ball, getting out of transition. They’re executors, any time you turn the ball over there’s going be trouble. We held them off and came out with the win.”

(On Game): "Those groups were doing a great job. They gave us a chance to win and then we turned it over because we were moving too fast. We were getting looks that we wanted and opportunities we wanted, guys were playing hard fighting for rebounds. I was pleased with the last group at the end of the game and I just thought they gave it everything they had.

(On fighting to get back in the game): "You are going to be back in it probably and it is how far back you are in it. We had our opportunities. We took the lead on Sullinger's free throws. They pounded us in the paint all night that really hurt us."

(On team play): "I thought we saw a lot of good things out of Kelly O (Olynyk). We saw a lot of good things out of Avery Bradley tonight even though he turned it over some. I thought he played really hard and kind of got back to who he really is.

(On overall game): "We just have to get better. They (Pistons) capitalized on their chances. They're big and strong. Those bigs they have are really, really good. We cut it close a couple of times, but that's not good enough when you play in this league. We're getting better and hopefully we can string together a couple of wins.”

(On defensive play): "We had stretches where we played well defensively, but there were too many times when they got away with a couple of big runs. That hurt us and when we did tie the game, we let them get away with another run that we couldn't come back from. Overall, too many mistakes at key times in the game.”